Are Dating Apps Only For Handsome Men?

Are Dating Apps Only For Handsome Men?

As someone who hasn’t had success in attracting matches on dating apps, it’s natural for your mind to latch onto an insecurity to explain this away.

In your case, the mind latches onto an insecurity about your looks.

This is an insecurity that you have had for a while, before you ever thought about signing up on a dating app.

You have never believed that you are a handsome man.

In your day to day life in the real world, you haven’t had much success attracting women either.

That is a critical reason why you chose to sign up on a dating app.

Now that you have been on a dating app for a while and have struggled to get matches, you are falling back on the same old insecurity that you have had for a while.

Just as you blamed your lack of success in attracting women in the real world on your looks, you are doing the same with what you are now going through on a dating app.

Don’t go down this road.

This negative mentality seeps into everything that you do on your dating profile.

From the photos you post, to what you write in your bio, there is a pervasive air of insecurity about your dating profile.

Being that you already had an insecurity about your looks before joining a dating app, your dating profile is sure to be negatively impacted by this.

Take a look at your dating profile.

Do you come off as someone fun and interesting to chat with?

The truth is, you don’t.

For a dating profile to attract matches, it needs to be fun and interesting.

Remember, you are essentially advertising yourself on a dating profile, with the goal of getting women to match with you.

The purpose of a dating profile for both men and women is to make themselves as appealing as they can to the opposite sex, so that they attract the best match possible.

When your dating profile is uninspired and bland, it gives a woman the impression that this is who you are as a person, and this is a turn off.

It’s a turn off because you seem like a drag, someone who is no fun to talk to and hang out with.

Blaming your dearth of matches on not being a handsome man is a lazy excuse.

It’s convenient to blame your looks, so that you don’t have to dig deeper.

This is what we do as human beings.

We blame an insecurity we have so that we don’t have to do the work to analyze ourselves, and make changes where necessary.

Since we are born with the faces we have, and short of plastic surgery, can’t change them, it’s too convenient to blame your woes in attracting matches on your looks.

Stop this.

No excuses.

The issue is your dating profile, not your looks.

Make a dating profile that is personable and intriguing.

This requires that you take the time to write a descriptive bio, where you share personal anecdotes about yourself that cause laughter and curiosity.

Post photos that show you participating in activities that you love, where you are filled with joy and a fondness for life.

Do the work that is required to improve your dating profile and you will attract more matches.