Online Dating: Why Do Some People Message You, “Hiii!,” And Then When You Reply Back, They Never Respond?

Online Dating: Why Do Some People Message You, "Hiii!," And Then When You Reply Back, They Never Respond?

Unfortunately, there are people on dating apps who are there for the attention.

In saying, “Hiii!,” and nothing else in his message, he is purely concerned with getting a reply from you.

He isn’t asking you anything about your dating profile, which is a strong indication that this is all about him, and he has no romantic interest in you.

His motivation is to receive a reply from you, not to start a conversation with you.

Many people who sign up on dating apps are starved of attention in their day to day lives.

He purely wants the validation.

Getting a reply back from you is his validation.

It makes him feel recognized.

This is enough to boost his ego and get him to feel better about himself.

You are not the only person he does this to on a dating app.

He is addicted to the attention.

To this end, he sends this message to several people on a dating app.

Every time he gets a reply from someone like you, he is encouraged to send more messages like this to multiple dating profiles.

It’s annoying and clearly a waste of time to the recipients.

For him, it is worth it.

Getting a reply causes a dopamine rush in him, a sensation that is exceptionally addicting.

When some people send messages like this, it is about power too.

This is a more sinister approach than the guy who is purely looking for the attention.

The guy who is looking for power, likes it when he gets someone like you to reply, knowing full well that he is about to dash your hopes of romance by not replying to your message.

This is a guy who craves power.

It’s conceivable that he has sustained emotional damage from a previous relationship that he has never resolved.

By the end of said relationship, he felt hurt and powerless.

To get his power back, he signs up on a dating app.

He is too hurt or angry to talk to be an honest player in this.

The idea of having a healthy conversation with someone on a dating app with the intent of finding out whether there is romantic potential is the furthest thing from his mind.

Instead, he is on a dating app to reclaim his power, a power he believed he lost from a previous relationship.

Whenever he sends a message to someone saying, “Hiii!,” and gets a reply, it gives him a sense that he is getting his power back.

It’s cruel.

In this case, his power is achieved by dashing the expectations of someone who replies to his message.

Every person he chooses not to reply back to is the embodiment of his ex.

He is rejecting his ex whenever he doesn’t reply to someone.

This is how he gets the power back.

Unfortunately, this is a highly negative way to go about getting over emotional damage caused by a previous relationship.

Nevertheless, it is much easier and cheaper to do than getting professional help from a therapist.

Furthermore, there are men who are easily distracted on dating apps.

When he sends a message saying, “Hiii!,” to someone on a dating app, there is a degree of interest in the moment.

Alas, he is fickle.

Since sending the message, he has matched with and received messages from people he is more attracted to.

Being fickle, he chooses to engage with those new matches and doesn’t reply to you.