Are Dating Sites Addicting?

Are Dating Sites Addicting?

Dating sites can be addicting if you don’t use them properly.

Some people make the mistake of allowing themselves to get addicted to dating sites because they are never satisfied with what they get.

They may start interacting with someone that they really like, but then decide to abandon that person and return to dating sites in order to search for someone new.

They do this because they have the mentality that they can find someone better being that dating sites provide so many options.

This is never a good attitude to have on dating sites.

Hence, this is how dating sites can become really addicting to people who have this kind of approach to online dating.

Being that dating sites provide so many dating options, it can be easy to fall for this kind of addiction.

People may look at the relationships of others that they may know in their real lives and want to emulate those relationships.

They may feel that those relationships are so perfect.

They may marvel at how much those people love each other.

They may see this in the relationships of some of their family members, friends or colleagues.

As a result, they may tell themselves that they want that exact type of relationship.

Once they start using dating sites, they actively seek a relationship like that.

They meet new people and everything may be going well at first.

They may even meet up with the person on dates and everything is clicking.

However, the person may say something at some point that turns them off.

Instead of giving the interaction the time it deserves, they decide that this person is not for them and consequently return to dating sites to find the perfect person.

They don’t realize that those relationships that they have seen in their real lives among their family members, friends or colleagues are not actually perfect.

They do not see the disagreements that some of these couples have.

They don’t see how these couples work out their problems behind closed doors.

All they have seen is the outside of the relationships and how seemingly perfect they are.

Being that they have gotten this outward look at these relationships that people that they know in their real lives are involved in, they have gotten a totally romanticized notion of what relationships are actually like.

No relationship is perfect.

There will always be issues within a relationship.

The best relationships are the ones where the couples work out their problems in private.

By not being privy to these moments, this person gets the misconception that relationships are supposed to be perfect.

Hence, it becomes addicting to continuously go back to dating sites because this person becomes fixated on trying to find the perfect relationship.

Again, there are no perfect relationships.

Relationships will always have problems.

What makes them healthy is when the partners are consistent in working through those problems and moving forward in a positive way.

People who allow themselves to keep coming back to dating sites over and over again because they are seeking that perfect partner that has no flaws do not understand this.

As they continue relentlessly seeking this perfect mate, they may not even realize that they are becoming more and more addicted to dating sites.

After a while of doing this, they may not even realize that they are not even looking for that perfect mate anymore.

They are now simply addicted to the emotional high that they get whenever they start interacting with someone new who may become that perfect mate for them.

It is this process that becomes more addicting to them now.

It is this high that they seek.

The initial goal of finding a relationship is no longer that relevant.