Are You More Picky With Online Dating Than With Real Life?

Are You More Picky With Online Dating Than With Real Life?

There is a tendency for people to become more picky with online dating than they would be with real life dating.

A common reason for this relates to the sheer volume of potential matches that one can find on an online dating website.

When there is this much choice, it is easier for someone to become more picky than they would have normally been in real life dating.

When people first start online dating, their intentions may be pure and clear.

They are simply looking for someone to match with. In other words, they may have never joined the online dating site with the intent to become picky.

They may have truly been hoping that they would find their match soon without having to spend too much time on the online dating site.

However, once people join an online dating site, especially women, they tend to start getting the kind of attention from the opposite sex that they either didn’t get a lot of in real life or didn’t get at all.

In essence, it takes them from one level in the dating hierarchy to a much higher level.

What this tends to do is, over time, it gives these individuals a larger sense of self and more of a bloated ego.

This is what often sets them on the path of becoming more picky even when they never initially intended to be that way when they first started online dating.

Again, they may have never experienced anything to this extent in the real life of dating.

Hence, it really takes them a while to process everything that is going on.

For an attractive person who may have had no trouble getting attention in the real world and may have even been picky as well in the real world, they are now experiencing even more attention online.

What is also happening is that these attractive people are receiving messages from people who would never of had the courage to approach them or ask them out in real life.

In other words, online dating often affords for people to become more emboldened.

The same people who would have never risked asking out such an attractive person in real life are now able to do it online.

There is an anonymity with online dating that makes it that much easier to possibly face rejection.

Hence, this attractive person who would have clearly not been approached by these types of men in real life is receiving a ton of messages from them online.

This forces the attractive person to become even more picky.

She is now not just having to deal with choosing someone from her level of attractiveness who may be sending her messages, she is also having to deal with people she would have never agreed to go on a date with in the real world who are also sending her messages.

Being more picky for her is actually a necessity in this case.

If she were to entertain all these messages and respond to them, she would never get away from her computer.

There are others who may not be as attractive but they still become more picky with online dating than with real life because they are also getting more attention than they would have ever gotten in real life.

Again, some of these people may get inflated egos that makes them become more picky.

However, a good number of them are simply receiving messages from people that they would have never matched with in real life anyway.

It is just that online dating magnifies that number due to the number of people using online dating sites.