Been Dating This Guy That I Met On An Internet Dating Site For A Month And He Wants A Break?

Been Dating This Guy That I Met On An Internet Dating Site For A Month And He Wants A Break?

Even though it has only been a month since you both started dating, there is a lot of temptation that tends to come with internet dating.

There is a good chance that he has also been talking to other girls on the internet dating site during this month-long relationship.

You may have gotten the impression that he was only dating you and focused on you but that isn’t necessarily true.

People often come back to an internet dating site even when they are seemingly in a happy relationship.

He may want a break at this time because he may have been talking to another girl on the internet dating site that has captured his attention.

He may be envisioning what it would be like to hang out with her and really get to know her.

This is often what happens when some people start using an internet dating site.

They are never satisfied with what they have.

Being that there are so many dating options on an internet dating site, it can be really difficult for some people to give a relationship a chance without feeling the temptation to come back to the internet dating site.

They have most likely maintained an active internet dating account throughout the time that they have been dating the person.

Hence, they were most likely still receiving and sending messages.

This is very dangerous.

A person can easily start becoming attached to someone else that they may be talking to on the internet dating site.

This may have been what happened in your case.

He may have still been using the internet dating site while he was dating you.

Another girl may have caught his attention and they have been messaging back and forth.

He may have reached a point where he feels that this girl would be his better match and as a result he tells you that he wants a break.

Again, this happens quite often when people use an internet dating site.

Some of them simply find it too difficult to detach from it and focus on the person that they have chosen to date.

They keep returning to the internet dating site until they find themselves mired in an interaction with someone else that is beginning to take away their attention from the person that they are actually dating.

Eventually they say that they want a break because they want to pursue this other person and see where it leads.

It literally becomes that endless chase for perfection.

This guy that you met on an internet dating site may have told you that he wanted a break from dating because he may not have even truly wanted to get into a relationship in the first place.

He may have only agreed to it because he was worried that if he didn’t, you would find some other guy from the internet dating site to date.

That may have scared him to the point where he decided to start dating you.

Now that he has been dating you for a month, he may have come to terms with the fact that he never truly wanted to date.

He no longer has that fear that you may date another guy.

He has had his time with you and he may feel comfortable with the idea of actually letting you go.

Some guys start dating girls out of fear.

They were not necessarily in the mood to start dating the girl.

However, they started dating her out of the fear of losing her to another guy.

Once they have been dating the girl for a little while, they often realize that they don’t really want to be shackled in a relationship.

They are less fearful of losing the girl to another guy at this stage because they have already gotten a taste of what it would be like to date her.

They are looking forward to being free of the responsibilities that come with being in a relationship. Hence, they tell the girl that they want a break.