Dating A Friend That I Bumped Into On A Dating Website?

Dating A Friend That I Bumped Into On A Dating Website?

It is not unusual to bump into a friend as you are browsing through dating profiles on a dating website.

It happens all the time.

Upon bumping into this friend, you may have initially felt awkward.

After all, this is someone that you know and have some history with.

You may not have really known how to go about communicating.

You may have wondered about what kind of approach to use.

Should you just have platonic banter or should you be a little bit more flirtatious?

Well, as it turns out, you have now both been out on a date or more and you are wondering about how this is all going to play out.

You may still feel somewhat uneasy about all of this.

After all, this is a friend that you have probably shared a good amount of your personal secrets with.

You may be worried that if you were to pursue a romantic relationship with this friend, they may already know too much about you.

In essence, you may not have that much else to reveal.

Hence, you may be worried that unlike two people who have never met and are learning more about each other as they date, your friend would already know too much about you.

There may simply not be that much left for this friend to discover about you.

You may be worried that this will lead to lots of repetitive conversations and not much intrigue.

Well, if you have already both been out on a date or more, there may have always been more to your friendship than the both of you were letting on.

In other words, there may have always been an underlying current of attraction between the both of you as friends.

It just may have been difficult for either one of you to let the other know about the attraction.

But, it was probably always there as friends.

Now that you bumped into your friend on a dating website, you may be finally coming to terms with the likelihood that there has always been an underlying current of attraction in your friendship.

Perhaps bumping into this friend on a dating website has made it that much easier for you to come to terms with this.

Your friend may be coming to terms with this as well.

Hence, it is actually a good thing that you bumped into your friend on a dating website.

This may have actually been the only way that the both of you would have come to the realization that you have always been attracted to each other in some capacity even while as friends.

Now, even with the understanding that you are attracted to your friend and vice versa, you may still feel really awkward about dating them.

There may be moments where you allow yourself to flirt naturally with your friend and other moments where you go back into the platonic friend mentality and become hesitant to be more physically affectionate.

This is understandable, being that the both of you never really talked to each other about this underlying current of attraction that you had for each other while you were platonic friends.

It took bumping into your friend on a dating website to finally get the both of you to come to this realization.

Even though you feel that this friend knows everything about you and therefore, there is really nothing left to talk about, you forget that you can create new experiences together.

You are yet to create new and amazing memories with this friend.

Focus on engaging in activities together that you never engaged in as friends.

Go on trips together.

Meet new interesting groups of people.

Work on a project together.

This project could be anything, as long as it involves the both of you working on a similar task.

Perhaps you choose to paint the interior of one of your homes together or you work on building a garden in the backyard of one of your homes.

This kind of teamwork projects tend to create a stronger bond between two budding romantic partners.

As you engage in all of this, your friend is going to learn more about you as a person than they ever knew as your friend.

You will also experience the same of your friend.

This will open up a new tier of understanding between you.

You will also be creating new stories that you will be able to talk about each and every day.

This is how you get beyond the fear that there is nothing left to learn about each other.

There is so much to you that your friend is yet to learn and vice versa.

You just have to be willing to engage in all these new adventures together in order to discover them.