So, I Saw A Friend On A Dating Site?

So, I Saw A Friend On A Dating Site?

It is not uncommon for a person to see a friend of theirs on a dating site.

Dating sites are very popular.

A lot of people are using dating sites to find significant others.

Your friend may be on a dating site for that reason.

They may want to find a partner.

This may be the first time that they have used a dating site or they may have used several in the past.

You may have wondered whether you should have sent your friend a message after having seen their dating profile.

Perhaps you chose not to because you just didn’t know what to say.

You may have even felt that it would just be awkward.

If this is a friend that you have liked romantically in the past but never tried to make a move on them, you shouldn’t make that move on a dating site.

If this is actually a friend that you are in contact with in real life and perhaps even get to see on a regular to semi-regular basis, you should talk to them in life if you want to make a move on them.

You have an advantage that people on a dating site don’t have when it comes to trying to connect with someone.

You already know this person.

They already know you.

Hence, there is already a level of trust that has been built between the both of you due to your friendship.

If you are romantically interested in this person and you have never gotten around to making a move on them, your best chance of succeeding would be to approach this friend in real life.

You may feel awkward about doing so. However, do understand that many romantic relationships come out of friendships.

Your situation may be no different.

However, if you don’t make a move on your friend, you will never know.

Now that you have seen your friend on a dating site, you know that they are currently single and looking.

This may be your best opportunity to pick up the phone and call her.

Once you get her on the phone, you can ask her out.

If she accepts, you can go to the date and see how things go.

Make sure that it is one on one.

It shouldn’t be a date that has other friends tagging along.

This way, you get to have one on one time with her.

This gives you a better chance at getting her to be more focused on you without the distraction of having other friends that she has to socialize with.

Flirt with her in your conversations and see how she responds to you.

If she flirts back, there is a good chance that she is opening up to you romantically.

Keep the topics that you talk about on the date lighthearted and fun.

Do not bring up the fact that you saw her on a dating site.

Doing this may make her feel awkward and thereby, you could put a damper on the date.

She may surprise you in how she responds to this date.

Being that she is currently looking for romance in her life, she may be totally open to you trying to make romantic moves on her.

Her mind may be at a stage where it is open to romance even if it may be coming from someone she already knows in her social circle.

Talking to your friend in real life would be the best way to go about making a romantic move on her as opposed to sending her a message on a dating site.

If you were to choose to send her a message on a dating site instead, she may feel really awkward about it, being that she already knows you.

She may wonder why you just didn’t call or text her.

This may make her feel that much more uncomfortable with the situation.

It may also make you look as though you lack the confidence to just call or text her.

A lack of confidence is not an attractive trait to most people.