Online Dating: Is There Any Possibility This Could Go From A Friendship To A Relationship?

Online Dating: Is There Any Possibility This Could Go From A Friendship To A Relationship?

If this person didn’t start online dating in the hopes of finding a serious relationship, they may not want to ever pursue one with you.

If you have somehow developed a friendship with someone that you met on an online dating site, you should ask yourself about why you joined the online dating site in the first place.

If you joined the online dating site in the hopes of finding a long-term serious partner, you should make sure that whoever you choose to communicate with on the online dating site is there for the same reason.

If you have asked this person that you have now developed a friendship with about what kind of relationship that they are looking for and they have told you that they aren’t looking for a serious relationship, it may be best to stop talking to this person.

Try not to make the mistake that so many people in your current position tend to make.

Being that they like this person and truly want a serious relationship with them, they find a way to convince themselves that this person will hopefully want to get into a relationship with them at some point in the future.

This line of thinking tends to be futile.

Oftentimes, these kind of friendships never transition to serious romantic relationships because the person in question was never looking for a serious relationship on the online dating site in the first place.

That person put you in the category of “friend” and was complacent in keeping you there from day one.

Now, if you have asked this person that you are in a friendship with whether they are looking for a serious relationship and they have told you that they are, don’t automatically assume that this person wants to get into that serious relationship with you.

Never make automatic assumptions.

You must verify first.

Ask the person about how they feel about you.

If they tell you that they aren’t quite sure but they will see how things go over time and ascertain whether they have feelings for you, you should stop interacting with this person right now.

Again, the trap that people often find themselves in is in convincing themselves that the person that they like will eventually develop feelings for them in this friendship and will then want to pursue a romantic relationship.

Again, this rarely happens in these kind of scenarios.

The only time that there is a real possibility that what you have now could go from a friendship to a relationship is when your interaction with this person is romantic in nature from the get go.

This means that the both of you flirt with each other constantly.

You both playfully tease each other on a regular basis.

You both go out on romantic dates, not hang outs.

Though you may not necessarily be sleeping with this person, you are still being affectionate with one another and do kiss on your dates.

In essence, though it may not be an official romantically committed relationship, you are both at least behaving in a way that could easily take your interaction to that outcome.

Hence, if you have been acting in way that just a friend would to this person, you will have to stop that if you want to have any hope of taking this from friendship to a relationship.

Do not do things that only friends would do with each other. Do things that people who are romantically interested with each other would do.

Be flirtatious with this person both physically and verbally.

Go on actual one on one dates as opposed to hanging out with the person along with a bunch of other friends.

You have to set a tone of romance as opposed to a tone of platonic friendship.

If you allow yourself to stay in a tone of platonic friendship, this other person may get to the point where they get so comfortable being in this tone that they can’t imagine transitioning into a romantic relationship with you.

This is not the thought process that you want this person to have.