Dating Profile Pet Peeve: Why Would A Person Have A Dating Profile That Only Shows Pictures Of Random Quotations And Landscapes?

Dating Profile Pet Peeve: Why Would A Person Have A Dating Profile That Only Shows Pictures Of Random Quotations And Landscapes?

They believe that the dating profile pictures of random quotations and landscapes are representative of who they are as a person.

They want those quotations and landscapes to do all the talking for them.

In their minds, you should get it.

You should be able to connect with the words in those quotations to truly understand where they are coming from.

Those landscapes should speak to you.

The images should give you a strong idea about the type of natural country they like, which directly connects with the essence of who they are.

You are supposed to get it.

You are supposed to look at those landscape pictures and instantly feel the reality of what they are trying to tell you.

They shouldn’t have to spell it out to you.

If you see farmland, that should tell you that they love the country, naturally feeding off the land with organic crop and the tranquility that comes with rearing animals.

If you see mountains, that should tell you that they love to hike, lodge and live off the beaten path, away from the chaos and inauthenticity of city life.

If you see water, that should tell you that they love travel and the freedom it brings.

Right now, you are shaking your head reading this post and you are right for doing so.

It’s no wonder that this is a dating profile pet peeve that irks many people.

There is no justifiable reason to have a dating profile that only shows pictures of random quotations and landscapes without a single photo of the person who created the dating profile.

It’s quite nuts actually.

These are people who don’t believe that this is odd.

They do it to prove a point.

Are you deep?

Are you able to go beyond the superficiality of the human form and appreciate something that goes so much deeper?

They are testing you.

If all you do is move on to the next dating profile, you are proving their point.

You aren’t capable of looking beyond superficiality and going beyond the facade of the flesh.

You aren’t deep.

You don’t deserve their time.

It’s just as well that you are moving on to the next dating profile.

Good riddance.

In all of their “holier than thou” shenanigans, they have forgotten a major part of what has maintained the existence of humanity for all these many centuries.


At least, to a certain extent.

Without attraction of some sort, the likelihood of procreation at a pace that keeps the human race viable is next to impossible.

It is within our DNA to seek out and procreate with people that we are attracted to in some capacity.

Funny enough, these “deep” people would not even exist without human superficiality.

There are always extremes of superficiality, but at its core, it’s about survival.

These “deep” people weren’t always like this.

There was a time when they would have had no issues with the idea of posting several pictures of themselves on a dating profile.

Along the bumpy trail of life, their life philosophy changed.

It could have been triggered by a traumatic event of some kind or even a bitter relationship that led to a bitter breakup.

It left them vulnerable.

Now they shroud their fear in the veil of facetious enlightenment.

Are they truly enlightened?


They are just scared and instead of dealing with that fear head-on and overcoming it in a healthy manner, they have chosen to wrap it up in random quotations and landscapes.

This is how they protect themselves from anyone out there that tries to take advantage of them or hurt them again.

They are trying to convince themselves that the words of those random quotations will somehow save them and make them whole again.

If you aren’t deep enough to get it, they have dodged a bullet as you exit their dating profile to seek out others.

One day, they just might wake up from this stupor.

It could require months and months of no messages or interest signals on the dating site for them to realize that they really aren’t as deep as they think they are and instead of people being in awe of their supposed spirituality, they are turned off by it.