Guys Only Like My Dating Profile For The Sole Purpose Of Calling Me Fat And Making Fat Jokes?

Guys Only Like My Dating Profile For The Sole Purpose Of Calling Me Fat And Making Fat Jokes?

Don’t waste your time and mental energy with these guys.

Some women even feel the need to respond to them just to tell them off for their rudeness, but these guys aren’t worth that type of energy and time either.

Calling you fat and making fat jokes is unacceptable.

This rudeness is partly a result of how brazen the internet has made people.

They don’t have to worry about the repercussions that come with telling someone off face to face.

They get to hide behind their computers and smartphones and call someone fat.

Guys who actually stop and take the time to like your dating profile for the sole purpose of calling you fat and making fat jokes are losers.

If they were such a catch, why on earth would they be expending the energy to like your dating profile and start with the fat jokes?

They aren’t a catch.

In fact, they are having such a miserable time finding a partner on the dating site that they have now resorted to name-calling to make themselves feel better.

Understand this.

This is the only reason why they are calling you fat and making fat jokes.

They want someone else to feel as low as they are.

If they were really having success with the dating site, they would be too busy going on successful dates to have the time and energy to call you fat and make fat jokes.

Don’t let them bring you down.

Online dating sites are for everyone of all shapes and sizes.

You have every right to be on there seeking a partner.

If anything, these guys are doing you a favor by being so brazenly and unnecessarily rude.

They are showing their true character.

There is no doubt that their dating profiles show none of that brazenness.

Nowhere in it are they going off on tirades about fat people.

They don’t want to be judged.

They are too scared of getting found out, so they make themselves out to be unicorns or too good to be true.

This lets you know just how much of a coward they truly are.

Yes, you should report their dating profiles to the dating site.

Dating sites do not want patrons who harass other members.

With any luck, you will come across less and less of these type of guys as you report them and their dating profiles are deleted from the dating site.

There is someone out there for everyone and the benefit of dating sites is the ability to reach so many more potential matches thanks to a large user base.

Don’t let these bad apples get to you.

They are in the minority and do not represent the majority of men who use dating sites in a search for a partner.

Focus on making a dating profile that speaks to your strengths.

Showcase your lifestyle and personality in both your bio and pics.

Be dynamic.

There are many men who have no trouble dating larger women.

You want proof?

The next time that you run errands in town, take a few moments to observe the couples you see.

You will notice that many are of different shapes and sizes.

Love is blind.

Maintain a positive attitude and you will find the one that is right for you.