Do I Have To Have A Photo With Friends On My Online Dating Profile?

Do I Have To Have A Photo With Friends On My Online Dating Profile?

You don’t.

Too many people have the impression that they need to post a photo with a bunch of friends to have a more appealing online dating profile.

They worry that the lack of any photo with friends sends the message that they have none.

It really doesn’t.

Most people are looking through your photos to see what your life is like.

They already assume that you have friends.

You don’t need to post a photo or a bunch of photos with friends to prove that you do.

They are a lot more concerned about connecting with you on the activities that you both find in common than in looking for photos of you among a group of friends.

This is where overly fearful people get themselves in trouble.

They post too many photos of themselves with friends to the point where most potential romantic prospects can’t make them out anymore.

This is really frustrating and sends the wrong message.

Not only does it feel like the person is hiding in those photos with friends, but they are insecure.

Why else would they be hiding among a bunch of friends?

Are they afraid to stand on their own two feet and let the world see them in all of their glory?

It feels like a lack of confidence.

A lack of confidence is an attraction-killer.

You don’t want that anywhere near your dating profile.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you run the risk of having people become a lot more curious about the friends that you have in your photo than about you.

Is that what you want?

With all of the built-in distraction on a dating site, it’s hard enough to keep someone’s attention.

Creating yet another distraction with photos that have a bunch of friends in them only makes your job that much harder.

Your approach to your dating profile photos should be with the intent to tell a story about yourself.

If one or more of those stories include photos of friends who are partaking in the same activity, so be it.

Photos like this are natural and not forced, which adds to their appeal.

Your primary objective should always be to use your photos to reflect your personality and what your life is like.

If the activities that you enjoy tend to be more solitary in nature, don’t be afraid to post photos of yourself participating in said activities.

You are not on the dating site to appeal to everyone.

You are there to appeal to the person that is most compatible with you.

If you have solitary hobbies, rest assured that there are potential relationship partners out there who either share the same solitary hobbies or have their own unique solitary hobbies.

Your photos are a reflection of you.

Don’t get lazy with them.

A handful of excellent photos that show you participating in activities that you love on your dating profile are worth more than one or more photos of you among a bunch of friends in random environments that add nothing to your personal story.

Focus on inviting potential romantic prospects into your life through telling visual stories with your photos.

This approach to your photos has a much better effect than putting all of your chips into the effect that having a photo with friends would have.

Why would people care about the faces of a bunch of strangers they don’t know?

Unless they can pick out some of their favorite celebrities in the mix, they could really care less.

Most people on dating apps already assume that you have friends and don’t need photos of you with friends to prove it.

If they cared so much about whether a potential partner has friends or not, they would spend all their time trying to find said partner on social media sites and not bother with dating sites.

Nothing beats the popularity contests that social media sites propagate.

Intimate love on the other hand is a totally different aspiration that comes with a lot more complexity.

A person in search of this connects a lot more with the activities that they find in common with you as shown through your photos than in whether you have a photo or more with friends.