Online Dating: She Saw The Matches On My Phone After We Slept Together On Our Second Date And I Am Worried This Has Ruined My Chances Of Seeing Her Again?

Online Dating: She Saw The Matches On My Phone After We Slept Together On Our Second Date And I Am Worried This Has Ruined My Chances Of Seeing Her Again?

She slept with you on the second date.

She clearly likes you.

Seeing your matches on the dating app wasn’t a big deal.

She most likely had matches of her own waiting for her on the dating app after the both of you parted ways on that fateful second date.

You are both still very much in the early stages of getting to know each other.

You are not at a point where an exclusive relationship has been agreed upon.

She understands this.

She expects that you would have matches on your phone from the dating app.

It makes sense.

You aren’t in an exclusive relationship with her and she knows that.

To expect you to suddenly delete the dating app that you happened to also meet her on would be completely immature of her.

The best reaction to a situation like that is what you got.

She didn’t go crazy.

She didn’t start screaming about the audacity.

She just brushed it off and didn’t make a big deal out of it.

If anything, the one that you should be worried about ruining your chances of seeing her again should be you.

You are taking this way too seriously, only after the second date with her.

You must understand that there is a good chance that she is entertaining dates from other men who are messaging her on the dating app.

You are not the only one she is talking to.

This was just the second date and you already appear to be getting hooked on her a bit too prematurely.

If you become too overzealous too soon, you could start acting accordingly.

She isn’t going to take too kindly to a man who is starting to become a bit too clingy or overly excited about her.

You need to be very careful here.

This is often where guys mess things up when they are really feeling a girl.

They watch her behavior online too closely.

They start dropping hints in conversation that point to their displeasure that she is still actively using the dating app and entertaining messages from other guys.

They start asking questions about why she took several hours to respond to a message that they sent her and insinuate that she must have been out with some other guy.

This is behavior that is an instant turn off to women and ruins any potential to see her again.

All of it sounds crazy doesn’t it?

It feels so alien to you.

You would be surprised at what human beings are capable of doing once they meet someone they like and start becoming attached to that person.

Both guys and girls experience the euphoric rush of dopamine in their brains that leads to attachment to a person that they have recently started going on dates with and is sleeping with.

If you want to see her again, ask her out.

To a proper date, not just back to your place for another round of sex.

Want to know one of the quickest ways to ruin your chances of seeing her again?

Make her feel like she is just an orifice to you.

Meeting her on proper dates eliminates the risk of her believing that all you want with her is sex.

Temper your expectations.

Now that you have slept together on your second date, don’t expect her to start acting a certain way towards you in prioritizing you.

Just like you, she has a bunch of matches on her dating app that she just may go out with in the coming weeks.

The less presumptuous you are about how things progress henceforth, the better off you are.

Don’t force anything.

If she likes you and enjoyed sleeping with you, your chances of seeing her again are good.

As long as you don’t push this, seeing her again and again could become your reality.