Every Other Girls’ Dating Profile Wants A Guy Who Travels?

Every Other Girls' Dating Profile Wants A Guy Who Travels?

You are flummoxed by the sheer number of dating profiles that state a desire to match with a guy who travels.

It’s seemingly on every other girls’ dating profile and that is no exaggeration.

As a guy who doesn’t travel all that much, or at all, it feels like you are already at a disadvantage before getting started.

It’s bordering on ludicrous.

You are getting seriously worried about the probability of matching with any woman on dating apps when this expectation for travel is so prevalent in so many of their dating profiles.

You are right in that lots of women on dating apps love to travel and state as much in their dating profiles.

For them, this is the lifestyle they lead and any guy that she allows into it has to have the spirit and wherewithal to keep up with her.

Although it feels really prevalent, there are women on dating apps who aren’t all that into traveling.

They don’t have the glossy photos on their dating profiles with them at exotic travel locations somewhere in the world.

They have fairly boring photos in comparison.

One at a museum.

Another with her dog or in her living room.

She isn’t particularly photogenic either.

Doesn’t have much makeup on in her photos too.

This is who she is and she has been honest in showcasing exactly that in her dating profile.

These are dating profiles that you have been ignoring because they don’t have the captivating photos that inhabit the dating profiles of the girls who travel, many of those on a beach with them in sexy bikinis.

You are drawn to the dating profiles of these girls and that is causing you to ignore the girls who are nowhere near as into traveling.

Although a lot of these dating profiles state a desire to match with guys who travel, it isn’t always a deal-breaker when the guy isn’t a traveler.

You are laser focusing on travel because you have seen so many dating profiles with this stipulation, but have you taken the time to look at what else she is seeking in a match?

For various girls, even though they stated that they want a guy who travels, they aren’t instantly turned off by a guy who doesn’t travel.

Those girls who prioritize wanting to match with a guy who travels are those who have dating profiles filled with photos of them traveling and bios that mention little else but their trips.

These are the girls who would look at a guy who isn’t a traveler as a deal-breaker.

On the other hand, girls who do have travel as a desired quality of a match, but also have other qualities they draw attention to, are less likely to look at you, a non-traveler, as a deal-breaker.

These are girls who don’t commit the bulk of their dating profile to themes around traveling.

They have a variety of photos that showcase a variety of interests, with travel being just one of them.

You see, there is still hope for you with some of these girls.

As long as you share other similar interests with her, you have good odds that she won’t write you off when you show an interest in her.