Deal Breakers For Women Looking For A Guy Online?

Deal Breakers For Women Looking For A Guy Online?

Each woman is different when it comes to deal breakers.

There are some women who have deal breakers that are non-negotiable and others who have the same deal breakers but are willing to be more lenient if the positives of the guy outweigh the deal breakers.

These latter women look at the whole picture as opposed to being fixated on any one particular deal breaker that the guy has.

Though there are women who look at the whole picture, when it comes to deal breakers, most women are more impatient with guys that they meet online than with guys that they meet in real life.

There is so much choice with online dating sites and women are so overwhelmingly inundated with messages from guys the moment they join a dating site, they have less room to be more patient with deal breakers that they discover in a guy that has shown interest in them or in whose dating profile they have just visited.

Deal breakers such as guys who don’t have gainful employment, a place of their own, personal morals and values, a lack of social and conversational skills, a lack of ambition, are just some of the more frequent deal breakers for most women.

Some women don’t bother with a guy if she notices even one of these deal breakers in the guy’s online dating profile or gleans it while chatting with the guy, others look at the whole picture or are more analytic before passing judgment.

To get a better idea about a woman’s deal breakers, study her dating profile.

Most guys are in a hurry to get on with sending a girl a message and only focus on how attractive she is in her pictures.

They follow this excitement by sending an ill-fated message without doing their due diligence in studying her dating profile.

You save yourself a lot of frustration in receiving either lackluster replies to your messages or no replies at all, by taking the time to actually read and understand what this woman has included in her dating profile.

This gives you a chance to get a better idea of what her deal breakers are.

Even when a woman hasn’t expressly written her deal breakers in her dating profile, you should read between the lines and understand the message that she is trying to send to you and any other guy who visits her dating profile.

When she uses several sentences to write about something in particular, that means that this particular subject is something that is really important to her.

This is the where you should read between the lines.

For example, she writes several sentences about her love of travel.

This is your clue about a major deal breaker she has.

She wants you to love travel as well.

No, not just the occasional once-a-year trip that you take with family or friends somewhere.

When she spends that much time writing about her travel adventures on her dating profile, you must be someone that goes beyond just a passing fancy for the occasional travel.

You must love it too.

A deal breaker for her is a guy who doesn’t.

Whatever subject a woman spends a good amount of time writing about on her dating profile is a clue to what her deal breakers are.

The guy who doesn’t have the same or close to the same passion for said subject is a guy who has deal breakers.

A woman who doesn’t spend that much time writing about any particular subject is the one most likely to judge a guy based on the whole picture or her overall opinion of him.

She is flexible.

Although she has deal breakers, they can be overcome by the weight of your personality and other facets to your life that makes her feel a connection with you.