Online Dating: What Do You Do When You Find Yourself Only Swiping Left?

Online Dating: What Do You Do When You Find Yourself Only Swiping Left?

This isn’t the right time for you to be online dating.

There are emotional issues within you that you haven’t addressed.

Yes, as a woman, you are naturally picky with who you choose to date.

However, dating apps are filled with dating prospects.

A lot more than you would encounter in your day to day life.

When you find yourself only swiping left on every single dating profile that comes your way, there is something much deeper going on within you.

Sometimes, people think that they are ready to date when they aren’t.

What were your last few relationships like?

Was there emotional trauma caused in some of those relationships?

Emotional trauma that you are still not over?

This is the first place to look to whenever you find yourself only swiping left on dating apps.

Past emotional trauma often puts the mind in a defensive stance.

Whenever you are presented with a potential match, your mind instantly latches on to something that it deems negative.

A lot of this has to do with the emotional trauma.

You saw something familiar that triggered your mind into a defensive posture.

Oftentimes, this is a factor that has similarities to the trauma you experienced with a past partner.

As soon as you have that trigger soar through your mind and body, you are swiping left on that dating profile.

Unfortunately, you have acted too soon.

You allowed your emotional trauma to compel you to swipe left on the dating profile based on an element in that guy’s dating profile that reminded you of said trauma.

Such a quick judgment leads to an endless bout of swiping left on consequent dating profiles.

Something as harmless as the way he looks could trigger a negative response in you because it reminds you of your past trauma.

As a defense mechanism, you look at every dating profile that is sent to you with an overly and unfairly critical eye.

Any word or phrase that creates tension inside you, you swipe left on the guy.

A guy you never gave a fair opportunity on getting to know.

You aren’t ready to date.

Sometimes, people who aren’t ready to date sign onto dating apps to help them move on from a bad past relationship.

Unfortunately, being that they remain emotionally affected by their past relationship, they aren’t doing themselves any favors.

All that happens is they either end up swiping left on every dating profile or they go on a few lackluster dates that never go anywhere.

How could those dates go anywhere when she isn’t emotionally at a good place?

They can’t.

Those dates were doomed to fail.

The poor guy didn’t have a chance.

Many people think that they can go on dating apps to heal, but this never works.

It’s just a temporary boost to their sense of self-worth but it doesn’t benefit them in the long run.

Take a break from dating apps.

Go off and do the work on yourself that is required to overcome your emotional trauma.

Only then will you be able to open yourself up to men again and start swiping right.