Ex Girlfriend Joined A Dating Site A Day After Dumping Me. Did I Really Mean That Little To Her?

Ex Girlfriend Joined A Dating Site A Day After Dumping Me. Did I Really Mean That Little To Her?

You may not have meant that little to her while she was happy in the relationship.

However, that happiness may have disappeared a while ago.

If your ex girlfriend joined a dating site a day after dumping you, she may be strongly indicating that she was already emotionally done with you before the breakup even happened.

In other words, she may have reached a point during her relationship with you when she shut you out emotionally.

A girl in a relationship will normally do this when she realizes that the relationship is not going to get any better.

In other words, she knows that it is only going to be a matter of time before she will end the relationship.

At this point, when she closes herself off emotionally, she is no longer allowing herself to care.

She has simply shut herself off.

She doesn’t see a future in the relationship.

Hence, she doesn’t believe that it would be worth it to continue investing her emotional energy into the relationship.

Your ex girlfriend may have already been emotionally lost to you by the time she dumped you.

This is most likely why it was so easy for her to join a dating site a day after dumping you.

By the time that she dumped you, you probably meant very little to her, if anything.

Again, she may have already shut herself off to you emotionally as the relationship wore on and she knew that it was doomed.

At that point, it was just a question of when she would decide to dump you.

Perhaps she waited it out a little because she was worried about the concept of not having a boyfriend.

She may like having a boyfriend in her life and may have been anxious about the prospect of not having one.

She may not have wanted to just dump you and be left completely alone.

As a result, she may have started prospecting her options.

She would most likely have first looked into her friend or social circle.

She would look at all the people in there that may be viable candidates for a boyfriend.

She may have looked into this for a while but eventually decided that there was no one in her friend or social circle that she was interested in making her new boyfriend.

Then perhaps she thought about her ex boyfriends.

Exes often are in the habit of reaching out to each other after a certain amount of time has passed.

She may have thought about some of her ex boyfriends and whether any of them would be viable contenders to reestablish a romantic relationship with.

She may have decided that there really wasn’t any one of her ex boyfriends that she wanted to reconnect with.

That then brought her to online dating.

She may have decided that her best option to find a new boyfriend relatively quickly would be by using a dating site.

Once she was sure that this was what she wanted to do, she made a decision that it was time to dump you.

When she dumped you, she joined a dating site a day after.

Oftentimes, when a girl is this quick to join a dating site after dumping an ex boyfriend, she had already planned it out in advance.

It may feel as though you really meant very little to her.

However, she may have already spent a few weeks planning all of this out.

She already knew that she was going to dump you a while back.

It was just a question of figuring out the right strategy in terms of how she was going to go about replacing you.

Once she figured that out, she was able to dump you without any qualms whatsoever.