Woman I Met On A Dating Site Gave Me Her Number But Didn’t Answer When I Called And Hasn’t Called Back Since I Left Her A Voicemail?

Woman I Met On A Dating Site Gave Me Her Number But Didn't Answer When I Called And Hasn't Called Back Since I Left Her A Voicemail?

She gave you her number, but she may have never intended to actually answer your call.

As self-defeating as it sounds, there are some women who will give a guy their number but have no intention of answering when he calls.

They will also not bother calling back in response to the voicemail that the guy may have left her.

A woman who does this on a dating site is typically not looking to take conversation beyond the dating site.

She may have given you her number because she felt obligated to do so or she simply couldn’t turn you down, if you were the one that asked.

However, she knew that she wasn’t intent on answering any calls from you.

Oftentimes, a woman on a dating site who has engaged in good conversations with a guy over a sustained period of time may feel guilty about not giving the guy her number.

If she is the one who actually gave you her number without you asking for it, she may have simply done it because she knew that it would be something that you would want and she wanted to reward you.

If you were the one who actually asked for her number, she would give it because, again, she wanted to reward you.

She would just feel awkward in not giving you her number after having engaged in quite a few enjoyable conversations with you.

She would just feel guilty, as though she has been wasting your time.

Indeed, at the moment that she gives you her number, there may be a part of her that wants to believe that she will take your call.

However, the reality happens when you call and she has no desire to answer.

The same applies with her lack of desire to call you back after you left a voicemail.

Unfortunately, no matter how much or how little she tried to tell herself that she was willing to talk you outside of the dating site, she really wasn’t.

There are women who simply love it when they are able to talk to guys on a dating site that can provide fun conversations.

These guys really help in killing their boredom and allowing them to have a fun time while they are on the dating site.

However, they are not romantically interested in the majority of these men.

They just enjoy the conversations.

Hence, when she gives the guy her number, she does so because he has given her some fun conversations on the dating site and she just wants to reward him for it.

She knows that he will feel good for getting her number.

Perhaps she makes herself feel better about the fact that she doesn’t intend to answer a call from this guy in knowing that he will be temporarily happy with getting her number.

Another reason why a woman on a dating site may have given you her number but didn’t answer when you called could be because she doesn’t see you as much of a priority.

In other words, she may be talking to other guys that she met on the dating site at this moment that are more important to her than you.

She may have given you her number because it wouldn’t hurt to have yet another guy chasing her, this way she keeps her options open.

However, she may already have a decent number of guys that she has given her number to and she is much more interested in.

This may also be why she hasn’t called you back since you left her a voicemail.

She may already have a good number of guys that just have much higher priority to her than you.

However, being that you called and left her a voicemail, she knows that she will always have you as an option if everything else fails with all the other guys that she is talking to.

The likelihood of this happening though is slim.

So, you shouldn’t be holding your breath that she will call you back.

It is best to let this one go and move on.

The sooner you start talking to new girls on the dating site, the quicker you will find one or more that will give you their number and actually answer when you call.