Falling In Love Online, Is It Really Possible? Could He Be The Right Guy For Me?

Falling In Love Online, Is It Really Possible? Could He Be The Right Guy For Me?

Falling in love online is really possible and indeed, he could be the right guy for you.

However, you should not rush into this feeling prematurely or too eagerly.

In other words, you should get to know this guy really well before you allow yourself to start falling in love with him online.

Some people often get so carried away with someone that they have met online that they begin to prematurely fantasize about what it would be like to have that person as a significant other.

By doing this, you will begin to fill in the gaps in your mind.

Being that you have only met this guy online, there is a lot about him that you do not know.

However, because he is making you feel so good during your interactions with him, your mind automatically starts filling in the information that you don’t know about him.

Being that you want him so badly to be the right guy for you because of how good he makes you feel, your mind will automatically make up positive stories about him.

If you are unsure of what his background is, your mind will find a way to make up a story about his background that really appeals to you.

If you are unaware about his viewpoint on a certain issue that really matters to you, your mind will make up a story about how he shares the same viewpoint.

In essence, because you are feeling so good about how this guy is making you feel and you want him to be the right guy for you so badly, you will find ways to make him as appealing to you as possible.

You will make up stories in your mind about him.

Even though there are a lot of details about him that you don’t know, you will simply tell yourself that you will find out about those details in time as you get to know him on the online dating site.

However, for now, you will just make up a story and fill in the gaps so that you can continue feeling as good as possible about this guy.

This is very dangerous.

This kind of behavior is often what leads you on the path of falling in love online too prematurely.

You do not know this guy as well as you should.

Hence, you should be really cautious about making yourself susceptible to falling in love with him this soon.

Even though you are really hoping that this is is the right guy for you, you don’t really know that until you have given your interaction with him a real chance.

This means that you should avoid creating any stories about him in your mind.

You shouldn’t romanticize him in your mind at this time.

At this time, your focus should be on truly getting to know him.

Listen to what he tells you and ask him follow-up questions.

Really delve into the person he is and what his life is like.

Don’t take what he tells you at face value.

After all, it is really possible that he could be lying to you or telling you mendacious stories that he knows you like to hear.

Actually observe how he behaves so that you can truly verify that he was telling you the truth.

For example, if he were to tell you that family is very important to him, observe what he does to back this up in future conversations.

How often does he talk about certain family members?

How often does he talk about particular past experiences that he has had with certain family members?

How often does he talk about a particular family member and the profound effect that this family member has had in his life?

When he consistently talks about this stuff in his conversations with you, you know that he was most likely being truthful about how important family is to him.

These are the kind of measures that you should take when you are interacting with this guy who indeed could be the right guy for you.

Ask lots of questions, observe and listen.

As long as you do not allow yourself to get carried away with the feelings of bliss that you experience whenever you interact with him online, you will be able to maintain a level of realism.

This is what allows you to give this process the time and patience that is required in order to determine whether this guy truly is the right guy for you.