Girls, How Many Guys Did You Message And “Like” On A Dating Website Until Someone Messaged You Back?

Girls, How Many Guys Did You Message And "Like" On A Dating Website Until Someone Messaged You Back?

It just depends on the girl in question.

Oftentimes, attractive girls will tend to get a much better response rate to their messages and “likes” than an average looking girl.

If you are an attractive girl, you should have no trouble getting guys to message and “like” you back.

If you have sent a handful of messages and “likes” to guys and you are yet to have someone message you back, there are a few areas that you may want to look into.

For one, make sure that you are sending messages and “likes” to guys who have active dating profiles.

Oftentimes, girls don’t check to see if a guy’s dating profile is active.

Unfortunately, a dating website will not delete an inactive dating profile for a long time, if ever.

This is why you should check to see whether the dating profile of a guy that you are about to message or “like” is actually active.

One of the best ways to do this is to simply look at the top of the dating profile or directly beneath it.

There is normally an indicator that lets you know when last the guy logged into his dating profile.

If you notice that this indicator is showing that the guy hasn’t logged into his dating profile in a week or more, you should not message or “like” this profile.

There is a good chance that this is a guy that has either stopped using the dating website or he only visits it very sporadically.

This means that, if you were to message or “like” him, he may never see that message.

Even if he were to log into his dating profile at some point in time weeks or months from now, he may still not notice the message beneath all the other messages that he may have received during that span of time.

He may also not be paying close enough attention to notice that he received a “like” from you.

If you are an attractive girl who has messaged and “liked” at least a handful of guys on a dating website and you are still waiting for someone to message you back, you may have sent messages and “likes” to fake profiles.

Fake profiles are very prevalent on dating websites.

They often have pictures of very attractive guys or girls.

Hence, you may have not realized that all the dating profiles that you have been messaging and “liking” are fake.

A good way to tell that you are dealing with a fake profile is if you notice that the grammar within the bio has some very obvious errors.

You may notice bad spelling, missing words and missing apostrophes.

These are often telltale signs of a fake profile.

These are scammers who can’t speak the language and are using an online translator to do it.

Online translators tend to lose a lot in translation.

Also, a fake profile will typically have pictures that are of very attractive people that have been stolen from all over the internet.

These fake profiles are often flagged and deleted from a reputable dating website once these stolen pictures have been spotted.

If you go back to the dating profiles of the guys that you have already messaged or “liked,” you may notice that those profiles may not even exist anymore.

This is often a surefire sign that you messaged or “liked” a fake profile.

If you are an average looking woman and you have messaged and “liked” a handful of guys on a dating website and someone is yet to message you back, just send more messages out to more guys.

Dating is a numbers game.

Being that you are an average looking woman, you will have to send two to three times more messages and “likes” than attractive women in order to get guys to message you back.

You should just understand that this is how dating typically works.

The most attractive women can typically get away with much less work. However, don’t let this stop you from being consistently proactive.

As long as you put in the time and the work, you will eventually be rewarded with someone messaging you back.