Girls, If You See A Muscular Guy’s Profile On A Dating Website, Do You Assume He Is Just Looking For Sex?

Girls, If You See A Muscular Guy's Profile On A Dating Website, Do You Assume He Is Just Looking For Sex?

Girls who see a muscular guy’s profile on a dating website do not automatically assume that he is just looking for sex.

That would be very premature.

Most girls are going to make assumptions of the guy or judge him based on the kind of impression that they got about the muscular guy from what they saw in his profile.

Oftentimes, this has everything to do with how the muscular guy constructs his bio.

If he has a dating profile that is mostly talking about superficial things, he would increase the likelihood that girls may think that he is just looking for sex.

However, this is not necessarily because he is muscular.

It is because he has no substance in his bio.

If so much of what he talks about is in the vain of how much he loves to party and how much he loves his new car or boat, he would not be showing any substance in his bio.

Hence, he would make girls feel as though all he must be looking for is sex because he was unable to show any substance to his life and personality.

The pictures that the muscular guy uses in his dating profile are also crucial in terms of the assumptions or judgments that they will make about him.

If the muscular guy only has superficial pictures of himself wearing tight muscle shirts or completely shirtless, girls would have a strong reason to assume that he is just looking for sex.

Again, these are pictures that are very superficial in nature and have no substance.

They don’t give these girls any reason to believe that this muscular guy is about anything else other than his own self-aggrandizement.

This means that they will also get the impression that he is looking to make himself happy and no one else.

It is then that much easier for these girls to assume that this muscular guy is just looking for sex because they would find it difficult to think of anything else that he could possibly want from a girl.

After all, he is so into himself in those pictures, he most certainly wouldn’t have any room to take care of a girl’s emotional needs.

He would only have the capacity to share something that is physical.

In this case, that would be sex.

Now, if the muscular guy’s profile was filled with real substance, girls wouldn’t assume that he is just looking for sex.

If he took the time to write a descriptive bio about himself that shared a good amount of stories about what he loves to do and where he has been, this would make girls believe that he has a lot more substance to him.

If he took the time to post pictures of himself that showed him engaged in activities that he loves that range from physically challenging activities to even mundane ones, he would be showing more substance to him.

This is how these girls are able to get a much better picture of who this muscular guy is.

They would actually be able to start putting together what his personality and lifestyle is like.

In reading such a descriptive bio and by viewing an eclectic mix of substantive pictures, they will start finding certain areas of commonality with him.

It could be in an experience that they have both experienced or in an interest that they both share.

This is how these girls are able to humanize this muscular guy.

He is not just this muscular guy with no personality on a dating website.

He is a real guy with real passions and real experiences.

This is the way many girls connect with the dating profiles of guys.

They like to be able to get a really good picture of what the guy’s personality and life is like.

When there is more substance to that dating profile than tight muscle shirts, glistening muscle cars and luxurious yachts, they will not assume that the muscular guy is just looking for sex on a dating website.