Girls, If A Guy Doesn’t Message You After Visiting Your Online Dating Profile, What Do You Assume?

Girls, If A Guy Doesn't Message You After Visiting Your Online Dating Profile, What Do You Assume?

That he wasn’t interested in her.

A visit to her online dating profile and an exit that didn’t result in a message will give the girl the impression that the guy didn’t feel a strong enough sense of intrigue about her.

Girls that assume in this fashion are often the kind who have a very straightforward and traditional way of thinking when it comes to dating.

They just believe that when a guy is interested in a girl, he will show it by initiating contact.

This is normally how these girls approach dating in the real world as well.

They have more of a traditional approach to dating in that they believe that the guy should make the move when he sees something that he likes.

In the real world of dating, this may be the kind of dating approach that they have always taken.

Most girls will often come into online dating with the same kind of mindset and belief structure that they espouse in real life dating.

Hence, when a guy who visits their online dating profile doesn’t message them, they would assume that this kind of behavior indicates a lack of interest on the guy’s part.

Again, this is a natural conclusion they will draw based on their real world approach and experience in dating.

Though most girls would assume that a guy who visits their online dating profile and doesn’t message them isn’t interested, there are some girls who have the opposite reaction.

When a guy doesn’t message them after visiting their online dating profile, these particular girls may actually assume that the guy is interested in them.

A girl that thinks in this way and tends to make this kind of assumption is typically the girl who has had a lot of experiences with shy guys in her daily life.

Indeed, she may be a shy girl herself.

Hence, she typically has an idea of the kind of behaviors that shy people exhibit.

When a girl that thinks in this way experiences a guy who visited her online dating profile but didn’t message her, she will often think about the last boyfriend she had in the real world who was shy and how he would behave when he first met her.

She may go back to that first encounter with that shy boyfriend that she met in real life and remember how hesitant he was when he first started trying to get her attention or talk to her.

She will recall that he would often find it difficult to maintain eye contact or even initiate conversation with her.

She would also recall that she may have tried her best to send signals his way for a while before he finally got it and made a move.

This is the kind of approach that girls who assume that the guy who visited their online dating profile but didn’t leave a message was interested in them would have.

Again, just like the girls who automatically assumed that the guy wasn’t interested through using their real life dating experiences to make that judgment, this girl does the same by using her own real life dating experience to make sense of why this guy just did what he did.

Since she has mostly had experiences with shy guys and she may even be shy herself, she recognizes the traits of shyness even if she may be using an online dating site this time around to meet someone.

Hence, a girl like this may use what she has done in the past with shy guys to help send the message that she likes him.

If she is attracted to the guy, she may proceed to visit his online dating profile as well.

She will most likely not send him a message though.

The objective in visiting his online dating profile is to show him that she noticed that he visited her online dating profile and she wants him to make the next move.

Since this girl has got real life experience with dating shy guys, she may already know that the process of getting this shy guy to initiate a message to her is going to take a while and she is going to have to be patient.