Guys, How Honest Are You When Complimenting Girls On Dating Sites?

Guys, How Honest Are You When Complimenting Girls On Dating Sites?

Most guys are quite honest when complimenting girls on dating sites.

They would typically not compliment you if they didn’t truly believe that you were appealing.

The issue isn’t so much with how honest guys are when complimenting girls on dating sites, it’s more so with how much they may exaggerate their compliments.

In other words, they may find a girl to be relatively attractive but they may not think that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

However, some guys may proceed to compliment the girl and absolutely exaggerate what they think about her looks.

They may use phrases like, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen on here,” “You are so hot,” “Are you truly real?,” etc.

In essence, they really exaggerate just how attractive they find the girl to be.

Even though these guys found the girl to be relatively attractive, she wasn’t necessarily the most beautiful woman that they have seen on dating sites.

When complimenting girls on dating sites in this kind of over-the-top or exaggerated manner, guys are being slightly dishonest with how they feel about the girl.

They do think that she is relatively attractive but they don’t think that she is all that.

This is why you should not get carried away when you read compliments like this from guys.

If it feels like it is too much, then it most likely is.

Guys who exaggerate in complimenting girls on dating sites are often trying to get something back in return.

They may be hoping that they impress the girl so much that she is willing to meet up with them very soon after engaging in conversation with them, perhaps for a hook up.

These guys may be hoping that by not being entirely honest in how they are going about complimenting girls on dating sites, they are able to get enough of these girls to give them attention so that they don’t run out of possible dating prospects.

In essence, you may not be their first choice but they are hoping that as long as they have girls like you interested in them, they are able to keep their dating options open until they are able to find the girl that they really want.

You could simply be a seat filler for them.

There may be several other girls that they find more attractive that they have already sent messages to on.

Knowing that these girls are most likely getting a ton of messages from guys, these guys try to send messages to other girls who may not be up to par just so that they have an insurance policy.

They hope that the girls that they really find to be incredibly attractive will get back to them. However, they know that the competition for their attention is steep.

Hence, until they hear back from the girls that are truly the most attractive to them, they are complacent with complimenting girls on dating sites that are relatively attractive but not all that attractive just so that they keep their dating options open.

So, always be cautious whenever you receive compliments from guys on dating sites that are very over-the-top or exaggerated in nature.

The guys who tend to be entirely honest when complimenting girls on dating sites tend to be the ones who are more subtle in their compliments.

They don’t overdo it. They don’t make it sound as though you are the most beautiful thing that they have ever laid their eyes on.

Oftentimes, their compliments may be accompanied with asking you a substantive question about yourself.

It may be a question that relates to something significant that you wrote about or included in your online dating profile.

These are often the guys who are most honest about complimenting girls on dating sites without having an ulterior motive in mind.