How Big Of A Deal Is Putting ‘No’ To Drinking On Dating Apps?

How Big Of A Deal Is Putting 'No' To Drinking On Dating Apps?

It doesn’t matter what other people think.

Putting ‘no’ to drinking on dating apps is a reflection on who you are as a person.

Though some people in your circle are making a big deal out of this, telling you that doing this makes you look lame or boring on dating apps, pay them no mind.

You don’t drink.

By putting ‘no,’ you are being truthful about who you are.

What matters is what you are looking for.

Who are you hoping to find on a dating app?

Does it matter to you whether the person drinks or not?

You are not on dating apps to find a connection with everyone.

You are on dating apps to find a connection with a person that works best for you.

You need to know who that person is beforehand.

Believe or not, there are people out there who don’t drink either.

If that is who you want to meet on dating apps, let people know that in your bio.

On the other hand, if you don’t care whether a person drinks or not, state as much in your dating bio.

No one knows what you want but you.

Instead of worrying about looking lame or boring by putting ‘no’ to drinking on the dating apps you use, consider what matters to you in who you want to meet.

What do you think would attract a person like this?

Let’s say you want to attract someone who is into traveling and that is a big deal to you.

Do you think that worrying about putting ‘no’ to drinking on dating apps makes it any likelier you meet this person?

It doesn’t.

This person isn’t scouring through online dating profiles hoping to see people who put ‘yes’ to drinking on their profile.

In the likelihood that traveling is a big deal to this person, they are primarily concerned with finding someone who loves traveling too.

What you write in your bio is what captures her attention.

She wants to read about an experience you had traveling.

That story is what gets her to emotionally connect with you.

This connection isn’t predicated on whether you put ‘no’ to drinking in your dating profile or not.

She is searching for a deeper connection.

Is that what you are looking for?

People who are on dating apps searching for a deeper connection with a romantic prospect are unlikely to look at you as lame or boring for not being a drinker.

They are concerned about how they connect with you in areas that facilitate developing a deeper connection.

Is a deeper connection with someone what you seek on dating apps?

People who are searching for frivolous hookups may have an issue with you putting ‘no’ to drinking on dating apps.

But, are those the people you are hoping to connect with on dating apps?

They aren’t.

Stop worrying about pleasing everyone on dating apps and put a higher priority on targeting the people you want to connect with.

That makes for much better matches.

On dating apps, it isn’t about how many matches you receive.

It is about the quality of the matches you receive.