Online Dating: What Should You Do If You Get A One-Word Response To Your Opener?

Online Dating: What Should You Do If You Get A One-Word Response To Your Opener?

Do not pester her with further messages.

Let it go and do better with the next person you send an opener to on a dating site.

There are a number of reasons why you would receive a one-word response to an opening message you send someone.

The most likely reasons have to do with your message not being very good or her not finding you attractive.

To address the latter reason, some girls feel compelled to respond with at least a one-word response, just to be polite, even when they don’t find you attractive.

When the attraction isn’t there, it doesn’t matter how good your opening message is or how amazing your dating profile is, she has no interest in getting to know you.

This is harsh, but it is the reality of online dating. Unlike real life, where people judge you on other elements besides solely looks, people on dating sites are quicker to judge others based on their looks alone.

They don’t know you personally, so they don’t have much else to go with.

Once they see your picture, they have an instant reaction to whether they like what they saw or not.

In the event they don’t, some go ahead and send a one-word response so as to acknowledge your message, while hoping that you get the idea and refrain from responding to them.

Yes, it’s confusing when they do this.

You are left with a whirlwind of interpretations.

Why bother sending a one-word response?

Is this how she gets guys to start a conversation with her, as unorthodox as it is?

On and on it goes.

Your mind bounces around a bunch of different interpretations to her behavior, working hard to come to a sensible conclusion.

Don’t put yourself through this anguish.

If you sent her a good opener and yet she sent you a one-word response, she doesn’t find you to be attractive enough.

Now, let’s address the other reason.

A message that wasn’t very good.

In this instance, she finds you attractive enough but you didn’t give her much to work with.

Never underestimate the power of an attractive woman on a dating site.

She receives a whole lot of messages from men, attractive and otherwise.

For some of these women, it is literally like a second job to sift through their messages.

She knows that she has to be smarter in how she does it, so that she doesn’t drive herself crazy going through literally hundreds of messages and having to answer them.

So, she devices a strategy for those she responds to with a one-word answer and those she responds to in detail.

The guy who gets a detailed response from her is the guy who sets himself apart.

Sure he is attractive, but she has messages from dozens of other attractive guys waiting for her response.

What sets him apart?

His opener doesn’t mention her looks in any capacity, unlike so many others.

Instead, his opener references something she addressed specifically in her dating profile.

He follows that up with some trivia about it, capping it off with an open-ended question that references it.

Using trivia and an open-ended question makes it so much easier for her to give you more than a one-word response and so many guys make the mistake of not doing this.

For example, she writes about her love for her dog who happens to be a particular breed.

You send her an opener addressing said dog and leaving some trivia about that dog’s history as a breed.

This impresses her, making her feel like you are someone who has knowledge and experience with dogs like hers.

You cap your opening message off with an open-ended question about her relationship with the dog, whether it be in asking about what the dog does to get her attention when she is distracted or what the dog does to cheer her up.

This is how you trigger thoughts in her head about a dog she loves so much, which makes her happy.

This is how you connect with her emotionally, compelling her to excitedly write back to you with more than a one-word response.