Wanting To Take A Break From The Dating Apps, But Afraid I’ll Have FOMO?

Wanting To Take A Break From The Dating Apps, But Afraid I'll Have FOMO?

For you, dating apps haven’t worked out that splendidly.

There have been starts and stops.

Conversation with a guy seemed promising and then he didn’t message you back.

A date was planned with another guy and he never followed through.

Another good conversation got going with a new guy, and then he shockingly pivoted to talking about sex.

By now, it feels like you have experienced it all.

You want to take a break from dating apps.

But, you are afraid of experiencing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Don’t be.

Online dating isn’t going anywhere.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break from dating apps.

So many people are misguided into thinking that they need to remain on a dating app interminably.

They don’t need to and neither do you.

It’s healthy to take a break from dating apps, as it gives you time with yourself, providing an escape back to reality.

When was the last time you went out with your friends?

How long has it been since you read a book or went out on a jog?

Dating apps have a knack of getting us addicted.

We are stuck on how many likes, interest signals and messages we are getting.

We find ourselves drawn into a labyrinth of conversations with multiple people at once.

We go out on numerous dates almost like it has become our job.

Dating apps have a way of sucking people into a vortex and before they know it, they are no longer going out to socialize with friends as much as they once did.

Instead, they hightail it home after work, giddy about chatting with “Mark” on a video chat from their dating app of choice.

Hobbies go by the wayside too.

You are no longer doing what you once were to pass the time, preferring to spend your pastimes chatting with strangers on a dating app.

Listen, dating apps are phenomenal.

They are popular for a reason.

Many people have met their significant others on them.

Notwithstanding, this doesn’t mean that you stay on them indefinitely.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break from them.

No need to be afraid of FOMO.


Dating apps were there before you signed up on them and they will be there when you return.

Take some time out.

Get reacquainted with yourself and your life.

Get back into your hobbies.

Go out with your friends again.

A break like this gives you perspective.

To see and experience the world outside without the constant desire to see who has liked your dating profile or messaged you is an advantage.

Maybe you learn something about yourself that you weren’t aware of, or get a new perspective about your life.

Maybe you meet someone at a social event that you went to with friends and realize that you don’t have to go back to dating apps.

Go ahead and take a break from dating apps.

Rediscover life outside of the humdrum of finding love on demand online.

Should you desire to return to dating apps after your break, you would do so with a fresher outlook and a sense of rejuvenation.