How Would You Feel If A Guy On An Internet Dating Site Asked You To Be His Internet Girlfriend?

How Would You Feel If A Guy On An Internet Dating Site Asked You To Be His Internet Girlfriend?

If this is a guy that you met on an internet dating site, you should ask him to define exactly what he means by “internet girlfriend.”

Some guys will try to eat their cake and have it too on internet dating sites.

They may ask the girl to be their internet girlfriend without really giving the girl a real idea of what that really means.

This may confuse the girl somewhat but she may also take it to mean that he wants her to be exclusive to him.

Perhaps this is the kind of impression that he gives her.

A guy who wants to strictly keep a girl as his internet girlfriend with no indication that he will ever want to meet her in real life is often one who is trying to use the girl.

He may not want to get into a serious relationship, but may want to keep the girl around so that she can keep him company on the internet.

Indeed, his heart may belong to someone else and he may be trying to deal with the heartache of a breakup by getting another girl to become his internet girlfriend.

He is not emotionally available to this girl and it is unlikely that he ever will be.

He is merely using the girl to help him get through a difficult time.

This is why it can be very dangerous for you to allow yourself to get stuck in the “internet girlfriend” category with a guy that you met on an internet dating site.

You may do so under the belief that one day this guy is going to come around and actually want to meet you in the real world.

You may start fantasizing about what that experience would be like.

You may hold on to the vision that you have in your mind about how that moment will feel.

With each conversation that you have with him on the internet dating site, you may make yourself believe that you are getting closer and closer to this day.

Indeed, this guy may even be encouraging it by telling you that he can’t wait until he gets to meet you in person.

However, time continues to elapse.

It gets to the point where you realize that you have been this guy’s internet girlfriend for months and there is no sign that he will ever want to take steps to meet you in person.

By this time, you may have already developed feelings for the guy and find it that much harder to let him go.

You should never put yourself in this position.

If a guy that you met on an internet dating site has asked you to be his internet girlfriend, you must find out what exactly that means.

If he is vague in his response, it would be best to stop talking to this guy.

If he tells you that it means that he wants to be your boyfriend, then you have to ask him about when he intends to meet.

If he is vague with his response to this question, again, it is best that you stop talking to this guy.

Regardless of how much you like him, the worst thing that you can do is allow yourself to be led on.

By giving in to this, you could end up becoming emotionally attached to a guy who never intended to meet you in the first place.

Being in this position will also cause you to ignore other guys who may be showing interest in you on the internet dating site.

This is partly what he may want by asking you to be his internet girlfriend.

In getting you to believe that you are some kind of girlfriend to him, he is hoping that you will focus all of your attention on him.

This means that you will lose out on the opportunity to talk to guys on the internet dating site who may be much better matches for you.

You should not allow yourself to fall for this.