I Am Dating A Girl That I Met On An Online Dating Site. I Like Her, But She Doesn’t Want To Commit?

I Am Dating A Girl That I Met On An Online Dating Site. I Like Her, But She Doesn't Want To Commit?

She doesn’t believe that she is ready for a serious relationship.

Being that you met her on an online dating site, there is a good chance that she wants to just date around at this time.

Perhaps she has just come out of a serious relationship in the real world that ended badly and the thought of committing to someone new is far too steep of a consideration.

At this stage, she may not want to get into any serious dating with anyone.

Even though you like her, it is important that you don’t allow your desires to get the most of you.

If she has told you that she doesn’t want to get into a committed relationship, this is something that you should accept no matter how difficult.

Try to understand that she may have told you this because she is just not emotionally available to anyone at this time.

She may be dating you because she really enjoys your company.

She may like hanging out with you and talking to you.

However, you should try not to look at this as reason enough for someone to want to get into a committed relationship.

Sometimes, a person just wants to enjoy being with someone else without having to deal with labels.

They know that once they put a label on a relationship, there will be expectations placed on them.

They do not want this kind of pressure.

This girl that you are dating and met on an online dating site may not want to commit because she just doesn’t want this kind of pressure.

She knows that the moment she puts a label on the relationship, you may have new expectations of her.

You may want her to start giving you even more attention than she is now.

Perhaps there is only so much time that she wants to spend interacting with you during the course of the week.

She may not want to spend the majority of her free time interacting with you.

She may want to engage in other activities or just have some alone time.

However, if she were to commit to a relationship with you, she knows that you will start making more demands of her time.

She doesn’t want to find herself in a position where it feels like she is obligated to dedicate more and more time with you because she is now in a committed relationship with you.

This girl that you are dating may feel that the amount of time that you both spend together at this time is perfectly adequate for her.

Even though you like this girl, you do have to understand that she may have a totally different mindset than you do at this time.

Again, the fact that the both of you really get along and enjoy each other’s company doesn’t automatically mean that she is going to want to commit to you.

She may be perfectly happy with keeping things the way they are.

The last thing that she wants is the kind of pressure of expectations that comes with being in a committed relationship.

You may like her but you also need to understand that she may not like you as much as you like her.

Even though you are both dating, she may not believe that you have all of the qualities that she would want in a romantic partner.

There may be a few qualities that you are missing and those may be qualities that she simply cannot do without in a romantic partner.

She may like other aspects of your character but she may not find you to be the perfect catch for her.

She may be dating you casually at this time because she does like the kind of attention that she gets from you.

However, in the back of her mind, she may know that you just wouldn’t be someone that she would want to date over the long-term.