I Am Dating An Older Guy From An Online Dating Site?

I Am Dating An Older Guy From An Online Dating Site?

You are clearly dating this older guy for a reason.

Perhaps you really enjoy your conversations with him.

You may have even discovered that the both of you have a lot in common, despite the age difference.

Perhaps you feel really secure whenever you are communicating with him.

You may love the fact that he is very stable in his life, both in who he is, how he handles himself financially and with his career.

These may be the ingredients that you really look for in a romantic mate.

Perhaps you were unable to find these ingredients in guys around your age.

Perhaps you tried dating guys around your age in the past and you always came across the same problem.

They may have seemed promising at the start but you ultimately discovered that they truly had no direction in life.

You may have noticed that they just didn’t have the kind of stability and ambition that you wanted to see in a possible romantic partner.

This may have been what ultimately led you to try online dating.

Upon using an online dating site, you happened to meet the older guy that you are currently dating.

Perhaps you weren’t initially thinking about dating an older guy when you first joined the online dating site.

Perhaps you were hoping that you would have better luck finding guys around your age who had more direction, stability and ambition in life.

Perhaps you ran into the same problem.

You tried dating a few guys around your age but they were like all the guys that you had dated around your age in the real world.

They were just as directionless and unstable.

They lacked vision or ambition.

This may have been what made you consider the prospect of dating an older guy.

You may have been thinking about this around the time that you received a message from this older guy on the online dating site.

You may have even been the one that initiated the message.

This older guy turned out to have the kind of stability and direction that you have been looking for in a romantic mate.

The older guy is also great in conversation and seems to have a lot more substance in what he chooses to talk about than what you have experienced with guys that are around your age.

Everything has really been good but you may now be asking yourself the question about whether it is wise to date a guy who is this much older than you.

You may worry about what your friends, colleagues and family will say about this relationship.

You may worry about what society in general will think of you.

You should really not allow all these worries to get the best of you.

Remember that you already tried dating guys who were around your age repeatedly and those relationships never worked out.

There is a reason why they didn’t.

You simply weren’t compatible with those guys.

However, you have experienced the exact opposite with this older guy that you met on an online dating site.

He has made you feel so much better about romance.

He has let you know that it is indeed possible to find someone that you can connect with on so many different levels.

The two most important people in this relationship are the both of you.

The only people who can be in this relationship are the both of you.

Hence, the way that you both get along and feel about each other comes before anything else.

Though some of the people in your life may initially question your decision to date an older guy, if they truly care about you, they will see how happy you are with him and they will accept him as a result.

Your happiness comes first.

If you get into the habit of trying to please everyone, you will end up never pleasing yourself.