Online Dating: Mixed Signals?

Online Dating: Mixed Signals?

If you are experiencing mixed signals as you are online dating, be aware that you are communicating with someone who is simultaneously communicating with many other people who are also trying to find someone special on the online dating site.

This person may be finding it hard to keep up with the conversations that they are already having with multiple people.

You may talk to the person and make some kind of arrangement, only to experience the person not follow through with it.

As a result, you may think that the person isn’t interested, only to have the person reach out to you again at some point.

Now, you feel as though you are getting mixed signals from this person.

You are confused as to what they want.

Again, this could happen because the person is simply talking to too many other people on the online dating site and they are just finding it hard to keep up.

They may set a date with you and forget about it because they have already set up a date with someone else.

They may remember about the date that they set up with you after having gone to the other date and as a result, they may reach out to you.

Perhaps they apologize about what happened or they may just act as though it never happened and proceed to start a conversation with you.

However, you are left wondering about whether this person is sending you mixed signals.

There is also the possibility that this person may be putting you on a certain level of priority.

They may have a hierarchy as far as who they believe they would most want to go out on a date with on the online dating site.

You may not be at the top of their priority list.

However, being that they do like you to an extent, they keep you on the list as a backup.

They are hoping to go out on dates with the people who are above you on their priority list.

However, if those dates don’t pan out, they still have you on the list as a backup.

You may be getting mixed signals because this person doesn’t have you high enough on their priority list to fulfill a date with you.

However, they may still stay in touch with you because they want to make sure that they will at least have a dating option, if the other people who are higher than you on their priority list don’t work out.

You may also be experiencing mixed signals while online dating when someone becomes hot and cold with you.

They may have started communicating with you on the online dating site with a lot of energy.

They may have even started flirting with you.

However, as time has gone on, they may not be as consistent with the energy as they once were.

They may not be initiating conversation as consistently as they used to or they may not be as consistent in replying to your messages promptly.

You may even notice that sometimes during conversation with you on the online dating site, they may even get a little impatient or rude.

They may still flirt from time to time but they aren’t as consistent as they once were with it.

When you notice this kind of behavior, it may make you start wondering about whether you are getting mixed signals from this person.

Oftentimes, this kind of behavior occurs because you are dealing with a person who never knew what they wanted out of online dating in the first place.

They simply joined for the sake of it.

Perhaps they just wanted to be like everyone else. However, they were clearly not emotionally ready to try online dating.

A person who behaves in this way may still be getting over a bitter recent breakup or they may just not be at a place in their lives where they can let someone in emotionally.

If you encounter someone like this while online dating, it would be best to stop communicating with the person entirely and move on.

If you allow yourself to continue communicating with the person, you could ultimately fall for this person.

This would be a mistake because this person is not emotionally available to you or anyone else.