I Met A Guy Online A Couple Days Ago, I Gave Him My Number But He Hasn’t Contacted Me Yet?

I Met A Guy Online A Couple Days Ago, I Gave Him My Number But He Hasn't Contacted Me Yet?

When you two met online, you had a really good conversation and it felt natural for you to give him your phone number.

Sure, it was quick, but you were intrigued by him and didn’t feel like it was necessary to wait it out for several days or weeks before giving him your phone number.

After all, you are on the dating app to meet and connect with someone.

The first conversation with him online was enough for you to know that you were feeling a good connection with him and felt it appropriate to give him your phone number.

It’s been a couple of days and you are rethinking that decision.

Were you too quick to give him your number?

Did that gesture come off as desperate?

You have been thinking about this for the last two days as you have been waiting for him to contact you.

It is beginning to drive you a little crazy.

It’s not like he has disappeared from the face of the earth.

He is active on the dating app and on social media.

Notwithstanding, he hasn’t called or texted you at your number since you gave it to him.

It’s natural for you to worry about why he hasn’t contacted you in two days.

When there is no information, the human mind tends to fill in the gaps.

A worried mind is going to think negatively, making you believe that you did something wrong.

You didn’t do anything wrong in giving him your phone number so quickly.

Guys welcome it when they receive a girl’s phone number this early.

It gives them the impression that the girl is showing genuine interest in them and this is such a relief.

Men go through a lot of frustration in online dating.

They don’t receive anywhere near the number of matches women get.

They send lots of messages to women and receive very few responses.

They set up dates with women and get ghosted.

Men have a hard time of it on dating apps compared to their female counterparts.

When a woman is this quick in giving her phone number, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Finally, here is a woman who is showing genuine interest in him and volunteering her phone number.

This is good.

The reason why he hasn’t contacted you in two days has nothing to do with you giving out your phone number too quickly.

Guys worry about looking desperate to women.

In a scenario where he calls or texts you a few hours after you gave him your phone number, he fears that you would look at him as desperate.

As a result, you lose interest and ignore his future phone calls and texts.

Guys have a deep fear of losing out on a girl by looking to be too eager in calling and texting her too soon.

To prevent this, they make it a rule not to call or text too soon.

This means that he is going to give it several days to a week.

Yes, I know this is annoying to you.

You genuinely gave him your phone number because you wanted to talk to him and could care less if he had called or texted you within hours of receiving it.

Guys think differently.

Based on life experience, they adhere to a different set of rules.

Especially guys who have had to deal with the hardships of attracting women on dating apps.

Give it a few more days before drawing conclusions on what is happening.

In a situation where you don’t hear from him in that time, he is most likely prioritizing other women on the dating app that he is more interested in and attracted to.

Don’t take it personally.

That is the nature of online dating.

With so many dating options, people are often looking for the next best thing.