Online Dating: When To Exchange Numbers?

Online Dating: When To Exchange Numbers?

When and whether to exchange numbers with someone that you met on an online dating site can often be tricky.

You may feel that you know the person well enough now to exchange numbers with them and yet there is a part of you that wonders whether you are being too premature.

Then there is also the question of whether the both of you are mutually ready to exchange numbers.

Sometimes, one person may be ready but the other isn’t.

If you were to offer your phone number and the other person isn’t ready to do the same with theirs, you may worry about how awkward that could make everything become.

Perhaps you have now ruined an otherwise very promising interaction with this person that you met on an online dating site .

You could even be the person who isn’t quite ready to exchange numbers with someone that is.

If they were to offer their number to you and you were to avoid providing your own number to them, you may worry that this would change everything and extinguish whatever rapport that the both of you had built up.

There are so many burdensome questions that you can ask yourself when it comes to exchanging numbers with someone that you met on an online dating site.

However, it is important that you don’t get so caught up in when or whether you should.

The better approach is to ask yourself about how you feel about the person.

If it is a situation where you feel that there would be a lot more to gain in exchanging numbers versus merely communicating on the dating site, then you should act upon that.

You don’t have to be presumptuous in just giving out your number.

You could use a more tactful way to do it so as not to put neither one of you in an awkward position.

If you have already had a good number of conversations with this person through the dating site and you have reached a point where you feel the need to make it more personal and exchange numbers, you could ask the person if they are alright with communicating through a different medium.

Doing this allows the person to decide whether they would be alright with that without putting any pressure on them. It also gives them a chance to think about what medium of communication that they would like to use.

If the person hasn’t quite reached the point where they would want to exchange numbers with you, they may choose some other medium of communication besides their phone number or they may choose to just continue communicating through the dating site.

If they choose to use a new medium of communication that isn’t their phone number and you are alright with their particular choice, you can both start the process of communicating through that new medium.

Now that you are communicating through a new medium, it will be a lot easier to ultimately exchange phone numbers because it would just feel like the natural way to go.

Asking the person if they would be alright with using a different medium of communication is one of the easiest and least intimidating ways to ultimately get to the point where you can exchange numbers.

Now, if you are the one who is being asked to exchange numbers and you do like this person but you don’t feel quite comfortable with giving them your phone number quite yet, you could still use this method.

If you are open to using another medium of communication, you could simply tell them what other medium you would feel more comfortable using.

If this person likes you, they will accept it.

You can then move on to this new medium of communication until you reach the point where you feel comfortable with giving this person your actual phone number.