Why Would A Man Who Isn’t Even Legally Divorced, Be On A Dating App?

Why Would A Man Who Isn't Even Legally Divorced, Be On A Dating App?

He wants to move on.

In his mind, the marriage is already over.

Although it hasn’t legally happened yet, it’s imminent.

Thereby, he has every agency to be on a dating app.

This is the mentality that men who are in the process of getting legally divorced have, justifying why they decided to sign up on a dating app.

Although they are intent on going through a legal divorce, this isn’t always that cut and dry.

The danger in talking to men in this situation on dating apps is in the unpredictability of it and how much drama you are about to walk into.

If it was so easy and such a given that a divorce is going to happen, why not wait until it is done before joining a dating app?

This is why you need to be careful about falling for what these men tell you.

They make it out to seem as though the divorce is a foregone conclusion and all they are waiting for is for the logistics to play out.

This couldn’t be further from the truth in many instances.

Again, they would have already been legally divorced if it was a foregone conclusion.

He is still legally married and on a dating app.

This means that his divorce isn’t a foregone conclusion.

A man who is on a dating app while supposedly in the process of divorcing his spouse already knows that this is something that is going to persist.

He has no idea how long it is going to be drawn out, but he doesn’t want to have to wait until it does.

It could take years.

He can’t imagine having to wait that long to start dating a woman.

Getting on a dating app with the intent of finding a new long-term partner is selfish, as he has no idea when he is going to be legally divorced.

This leaves the woman he meets on a dating app in limbo.

She has been made promises by him that the divorce proceedings are close to conclusion.

Yet, months later, he remains ensnared in the proceedings.

A year goes by and it doesn’t seem like he is any closer to getting legally divorced from his ex-wife.

On top of that, she is witnessing the drama and vitriol coming from the two parties as they fight for an upper hand.

It gets worse.

He has children with his wife that are causing complications in the proceedings.

It’s an absolute mess.

When they met on the dating app, he promised her that he would be legally divorced soon.

A year has gone by and there are no signs of that happening.

The longer the woman stays, the deeper she is emotionally invested in the man, making it that much harder for her to leave him.

Now she is stuck with a man she is in love with whose legal divorce is a constant source of conflict and concern.

Why do this to yourself?

Men who aren’t legally divorced on dating apps have a tendency to be disingenuous.

They are good at tricking women into believing that a legal divorce is imminent.

Don’t let yourself be tricked into believing what he wants you to believe, thanks to his charm.

You didn’t join a dating app to be a mistress to a married man embroiled in divorce proceedings.

Talk to men who are legally single instead.

They abound on dating apps.