I Met My Boyfriend On A Dating Website. Within 7 Days We Said “I Love You” And Now He’s Moved In?

I Met My Boyfriend On A Dating Website. Within 7 Days We Said "I Love You" And Now He's Moved In?

You may feel a really strong connection with this guy that is now your boyfriend.

You may have joined the dating website because you were seeking someone that thinks like you.

Perhaps you were both very ready for love.

You may have already known that you were ready to fall in love before you joined the dating website.

He may have been just as hungry for love when he first joined the dating website.

Even though it only took 7 days for the both of you to say “I love you” to each other, it probably felt really natural when you did.

You did not feel any hesitation about it.

You just knew that it felt right.

He has moved in just as fast.

Everything seems to have happened so quickly.

You may be really worried that you have moved too fast.

And yet, it feels so right.

It is important that you temper your emotions and expectations.

There is still a lot more that you need to learn about this guy that you met on a dating website and about each other.

He may be your boyfriend but that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to get to know him.

In essence, do not assume that you know everything that there is to know about him.

That is the mistake that people often make when they fall in love with someone so fast and have the person move in with them.

They believe that they know the person completely because they feel such a strong connection to the person.

This is a person that they believe that they have been waiting for their whole lives.

They may believe this person to be their soulmate or twin flame.

Hence, they falsely believe that they already know everything that needs to be known about the person.

After all, they think alike and have had so many similar experiences.

This person is so much like them.

You shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking in this way.

Within 7 days, the both of you said “I love you” to each other and your new boyfriend has now moved in.

Regardless of how electric those 7 days were between the both of you, there is only so much that you will be able to learn about someone in 7 days.

In other words, 7 days is not enough time to make yourself believe that you know everything that there is to know about your boyfriend.

Hence, you should be diligent in continuing the process of getting to know him.

Do not suddenly relax because he has now moved in with you.

You have skipped several steps in the process of properly getting to know a person before declaring love and having the person move in with you.

Again, 7 days is just not enough time to know who you are really dealing with and whether your relationship dynamic is truly compatible.

This is why it is best that you don’t stop trying to get to know each other now that your boyfriend has moved in.

You both met on a dating website because you were both seeking a specific type of person.

However, you still need to be certain that you are right for each other.

It would be best to avoid setting any kind of expectations of this relationship at this time.

Even though he has moved in with you, there is still a necessity for an equal balance in responsibility within the relationship.

This means that this guy that you met on a dating website who has now become your boyfriend should have an equal share of the responsibilities that come with living together.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to become the only one who handles all of the financial and domestic responsibilities in the home.

People often make the mistake of doing this because they are so caught up in the euphoria of the relationship.

However, taking on all of these responsibilities will cause an imbalance in the relationship.

This means that your boyfriend may get lazy and not put out the right amount of effort to be an equal partner.

Your relationship will not last long if there is no balance in the relationship.

Your boyfriend would simply take you for granted and will not have any real stakes in the relationship.

The best way to keep this fast relationship from tanking is to maintain a balance of responsibilities and continue the work of getting to know each other better.