Is Asking For The Full Name Of A Guy That I Met On A Dating Website Okay?

Is Asking For The Full Name Of A Guy That I Met On A Dating Website Okay?

It is okay to ask for his full name.

However, you should not pressure him for that information.

He may not feel totally comfortable divulging that information if the both of you are just beginning to learn more about each other.

He may not know enough about you to feel comfortable in trusting you with that kind of information.

However, it is okay to ask, as long as you are polite about it.

Do understand that if you are going to ask this question, you also have to be comfortable with divulging your full name to this guy as well.

Hence, you should ask yourself about whether you are ready for that.

This is something that you should really think about.

If you feel uncomfortable with the notion of divulging your full name to a guy that you met on a dating website, it may not be time for you to ask him for his full name.

You may feel as though you need more time to get to know this guy before feeling comfortable enough to let him know what your full name is.

If that is your mindset at this time, it may be best to hold off on asking him for his full name.

On the flip side, if you are comfortable with letting this guy that you met on a dating website know what your full name is, then it is okay to go ahead and ask him for his.

Again, you should be polite and civil in the way that you go about asking it.

Even though you have reached a point where you feel comfortable enough to divulge what your full name is, that doesn’t mean that the guy has also reached this point.

He may not be there yet.

However, if you choose to ask him for his full name, do so in a conversational way.

In other words, do it within the flow of conversation.

This way, it feels more natural.

If you were to just send him a text asking for his full name out of nowhere, it may make him feel uncomfortable.

He may feel like you have just started an interrogation of him.

However, if you simply ask the question within the flow of a fun conversation that the both of you are having, it will feel more natural and less forced.

This will make it easier for him to consider divulging his full name.

Again, if you choose to ask him for his full name, you should be prepared to divulge your own.

If he chooses not to divulge his full name at this time, you should respect that.

This doesn’t mean that he is an ax murderer.

It is okay if he may just not be ready to reveal his full name quite yet.

You shouldn’t allow this to affect how you go about talking to him from there on out.

He will notice it if you start acting strangely.

Perhaps you are not as quick to respond to his messages or you are not as energetic in the conversations as you used to be.

This kind of behavior may end up pushing him away.

This means that you could end up losing out on a guy who may have actually been a good match for you.

Hence, try to be patient.

If you have only recently met this guy on a dating website, you should try not to set too many lofty expectations.

Have an openness with the guys that you meet on a dating website.

Some of them will be quick to give you their full name upon request and others may be more cautious.

It just depends on the kind of guy that you are dealing with and the dynamics of your correspondence with them at that stage in time.

Again, if you ask this guy for his full name and he turns you down, respect that.

If you do like him, give him some more time to get comfortable enough to give you his full name.

Until then, keep up the same energy in your conversations with him and continue trying to get to know him better.