Internet Dating: Why Does It Get So Serious So Quickly?

Internet Dating: Why Does It Get So Serious So Quickly?

Many people start internet dating with an agenda in mind.

They are very resolute in what this agenda is and are fixated on it.

They had a certain number of qualities in a person that they were looking for and intent to find.

They had a certain look that they knew they wanted a possible mate to have.

They were hot and ready to get into a serious relationship with someone who exhibited these qualities if they were to meet that person while internet dating.

They may start internet dating and meet this person relatively quickly.

The information in the person’s dating profile may be exactly what they want.

All the qualities that they already knew that they wanted in a romantic partner may be exhibited on the internet dating profile.

The person’s pictures are exactly what is desired.

They begin communicating with this person on the internet dating site and instantly connect with the person.

However, it may not have necessarily been because of anything profound that the person said.

They were already predisposed to strongly falling for this person based on the mindset that they had before they started internet dating and the internet dating profile of the person that seemingly met all of their requirements.

Hence, by merely having one or a handful of correspondences with this person on the internet dating site, they are ready to become really serious.

They get so serious so quickly because they have already visualized what this person would be like beforehand.

They have created this person’s persona in their minds.

They have created the person’s mannerisms, belief structure and outlook.

In essence, they have already created the person in their minds before they have even began communicating with this person on the internet dating site.

Hence, by the time they begin to communicate with a person that meets their requirements on the internet dating site, they are already committed.

They don’t want the ideal creation of this person that they have created in their minds to become tainted with what this person may be truly like, upon interacting with them on the internet dating site.

Thereby, they block out anything that may seem contrary to their imaginary creation.

Even though upon chatting with this person on the internet dating site, there may be some behavioral or lifestyle red flags that come to light, they make themselves blinded to them.

They just want this person to fit the creation of the perfect mate that they have created in their minds so badly, that they are willing to overlook all of these red flags.

This is why things can get so serious so quickly on internet dating sites.

It happens when you have a person who is predisposed to wanting to get serious fast and who has built up a fantasy of what the person that they like must be like, thereby allowing themselves to be blinded by this fantasy.

Internet dating can get so serious so quickly when a person has reached the point of desperation.

The person may have been internet dating for a while and experiencing repeated failures.

Perhaps they thought that they would have been in a serious relationship by now, but every time it seems like this is about to happen, the other person bails.

This can build up to the point of desperation in some people.

When they finally meet someone else who is seemingly ready for that serious relationship that they have been so craving, they jump at the opportunity.

Without having gotten to know this person very well, they are already seemingly in love with the person.

This person of interest becomes the recipient of all of the unwieldy desire that has been building up due to all of the other failures.

Sometimes, there are people on internet dating sites who are just primed to get so serious so quickly.

They want to snatch up whoever is interested in a serious relationship and meets their requirements before anyone else does.

They figure that if they get serious with this person as quickly as possible, the person will not be distracted by all the other people who are trying to get their attention on the internet dating site.