Divorced Mom With Kids On Dating Sites?

Divorced Mom With Kids On Dating Sites?

As a divorced mom with kids on dating sites, you should first be sure about what kind of person and relationship you are looking for.

When you have that established, you should proceed to join the right dating site for you.

Now, do understand that being that you are a divorced mom with kids, you will have to be realistic in terms of the kind of men that you are going to attract on dating sites.

Be careful with your expectations.

If you start with only messaging men who have never been divorced and have no kids, they may not all be jumping over themselves to respond.

Oftentimes, people look for others who are in similar situations as they are or have had the same relationship experience.

A good number of men who have never been divorced nor have kids may find it hard to relate to you.

Hence, though it is totally fine to message guys who have never been divorced or have kids, you should also ensure that you mix it up and message men who have had similar life experiences to yours.

This helps in increasing your chances of getting responses to your messages on dating sites.

If you are a divorced mom with kids on dating sites, you should also be very careful when it comes to certain men who may contact you.

There are some men who would look at your standing as one that they can take advantage of.

Being that you have been previously divorced and you have kids, these men know that you aren’t going to be at the top of the food chain as far as what most men on dating sites would go after.

Hence, they feel that they can take advantage of this by trying to woo you on dating sites so that they can ultimately get what they want out of you.

They are banking on you being desperate enough to respond to just about any message that you receive from an interested guy.

Men like this aren’t looking for long-term serious relationships.

They are typically looking for something short-term and a woman that they can take full advantage of in the process.

They may try to take advantage of the divorced mom with kids through ultimately getting her to help him financially or get her to sleep with him as a friend with benefits.

These are guys that as a divorced mom with kids, you really need to watch out for on dating sites.

You will be able to tell that you are dealing with a guy like this when he inundates you with compliments from the very first conversation that you both have on dating sites.

If you notice that he is besieging you with an endless deluge of compliments right from the start, there is a good chance that he is trying to butter you up in the hopes that he can take advantage of you in some way down the line.

Most guys who are serious about meeting a woman aren’t going to overdo the compliments.

They will normally be more restrained with their compliments because they don’t know the woman well enough to ascertain whether she is worthy of so many compliments so soon.

If you are a divorced mom with kids on dating sites, your best chance of success is to avoid being all about that.

In other words, show people what you as a person is like as opposed to what life would be like with you and your kids.

People want to be able to tell your character and whether you would be a person that they would really love to get to know.

They want to get to know the person first before knowing what life with this person and her kids would be like.

Once they get to like you as a person first, they will have a higher likelihood of liking what comes with you, which would be a previous divorce and your kids.

Make your dating profile be about you.

Let them see your uniqueness and personality.

Try not to give people who visit your dating profile the impression that there is nothing much to you but your life as a divorced mom and your kids.

The key to finding a mate when you are a divorced mom with kids on dating sites is to make people fall for the person you are first.

If they do, everything else that you come with would be just fine by them.