Is It Creepy When A Person Has Dating Profile Pictures With Their Ex Cropped Out?

Is It Creepy When A Person Has Dating Profile Pictures With Their Ex Cropped Out?

You are browsing through dating profiles and come across a person that is attractive.

You choose to dig deeper by taking a closer look at the person’s dating profile only to find a mishmash of pictures that show the person alongside someone else who is cropped out.

You try to ignore it at first, but more and more pictures reveal this mysterious personality whose body parts keep getting in the way and yet you can’t see their face.

It doesn’t take long for you to realize that this mysterious person whose face is repeatedly getting cropped out, leaving a chaotic mess of bit body parts in these pictures must be an ex.

Soon, that feeling of hope that you had when you first laid eyes on this dating profile is replaced with hesitation and anxiety.

Why is the person behind this dating profile using pictures of themselves with an ex that they have so painstakingly taken the time to crop out of every picture?

How long ago was this relationship?

Are they over it?

Should you be worried about some crazy ex somewhere out there who is still hoping to get back with the person behind this dating profile?

What is that ex doing right now?

Is that ex also on the dating site watching what this person is up to?

If you were to start talking to this person, do you have to worry about a crazy ex eavesdropping on the both of you from a distance as you both take a leisurely stroll on an arranged date?

Your imagination easily runs rampant when there is a mysterious figure that is cropped out of a number of these pictures.

You can’t help it.

Is it creepy?

Well, when you really think about it, it is.

Not only has it set your imagination ablaze, it has left you dumbfounded as to why this person would post a number of pictures with an ex that is cropped out.

You are questioning the person’s intelligence.

Don’t they understand how bad that looks?

Don’t they understand that anyone with any common sense can’t help but wonder why these particular pictures were chosen?


Maybe this person isn’t particularly bright.

Take a pass on this one?

Move on to the next dating profile?

If this person hasn’t had the time to take new pictures that don’t include their ex, you can only assume that this relationship must have ended fairly recently.

You have to assume that this person must have been really close with this ex to have taken all these pictures with them.

Now, you are right back to why this person would think it okay to post all these pictures with an ex cropped out.

Is this person in a hurry to move on?

In so much of a hurry that they don’t even want to take the time to take brand new pictures for their dating profile?

The last thing that you want to be is someone’s rebound.

Is it better to just leave this dating profile alone and hope that this person resolves whatever emotional baggage was leftover from that relationship for their own sake?

Yes, you are creeped out.

You have every reason to be creeped out.

But, don’t let your imagination get the better of you.

A small number of pictures with an ex that is cropped out isn’t grounds for flight as long as the person has a lot more dating profile pictures without this ex.

Sometimes, a person uses a few pictures with an ex cropped out when they truly love those pictures and believe that they are very representative of their lifestyle.

They have every intention of eventually replacing those pictures, but at this time, the pictures are just too hard to replicate.

It is challenging to replace a picture that they took with an ex where they are posing in front of some famous monument that is halfway around the world from where they live.

They can’t just hop on a plane today, fly halfway around the world and take that picture again.

Certainly, they hope to one day, but not today.

To get a better idea on where this person’s mind is, look for pictures that are hard to replicate.

If the pictures that have an ex cropped out are hard to replicate, that is why those pictures were used.

On the flip side, if half or most of the person’s dating profile pictures show a cropped out ex and most of these pictures can be easily replicated, a picture taken in a living room or a restaurant for instance, you have more cause for worry.

She could still be in recovery and taking a pass on reaching out to her might be your best option at this time.