Online Dating: Is It Bad To Have Too Few Pictures?

Online Dating: Is It Bad To Have Too Few Pictures?

The fewer pictures you have, the less of a story you have to tell.

This is bad.

The pictures that you use on an online dating site are a showcase of what your personality and life is like.

If you use too few of them, you wouldn’t really be giving a person a substantive idea about who you are as a person and what your life is like.

It may feel tempting to only use a few pictures on your dating profile because you don’t want to bother putting in the work to take new pictures of yourself but doing this will work against your favor.

It is impossible to give a person a true indication of what you are about when all they have to work with are a handful of pictures, most of which barely give them any insight into who you are.

A handful of selfies will not make your dating profile particularly attractive nor will a handful of random pictures taken in your backyard a number of years ago.

You need to post a varied number of pictures of yourself.

Those pictures should have you in environments that are relevant to what you have described in your bio.

In other words, it is not enough to just write that you enjoy traveling on your bio, your pictures should also reflect those words.

You should have pictures with you in multiple locations that you have traveled to.

Your pictures should serve the same kind of purpose that an illustrated book does.

It is not enough to just tell the story with words, it is just as important to back up those words with pictures that illustrate the message that you are trying to get across to the person that is visiting your dating profile.

If you are a very outdoorsy person and would like to attract the same kind of person as a romantic match, posting various pictures of you in the outdoors engaged in various outdoor activities will have a lot more impact on a potential match than merely writing about it.

Pictures can have a profound effect on people.

It makes the person behind the picture come alive.

It makes you so much more personable.

The person who is looking at your pictures will find it a lot easier to connect with you as an outdoorsy person when they view pictures of you engaged in outdoor activities.

So much of this could even feel familiar to the person.

Being that they are also an outdoorsy person, they may see a number of pictures of you on a mountain and instantly remember when they were engaged in the same activity not too long ago.

If anything they may become curious about the exact location you were at when involved in that outdoor activity.

That alone may be an instant conversation starter.

They become so curious about where you took those pictures and how your experience was while engaged in that familiar outdoor activity that they feel compelled to initiate a message to you.

The kind of pictures that you post on your dating profile often have a profound effect in triggering people to initiate messages to you.

They are incredibly effective conversation starters.

If you want to have a lot more success in meeting romantic prospects on a dating site, don’t get lazy with your pictures.

Post a lot of them.