Is Online Dating Cheating?

Is Online Dating Cheating?

A significant other who keeps using an online dating app is cheating.

Even though he may tell you that he has no intention of meeting these women and all he is doing is having conversations with these women to kill boredom, that is still not acceptable.

Even if he may never meet these women that he is interacting with online in real life, he is still at risk of developing an emotional attachment to one or more of them.

This means that he could start cheating on you by having an emotional affair.

He may not even realize that this is happening.

However, there will come a point where he realizes that he can’t stop thinking about this particular woman.

He may try to deny that he is having these emotions at first but at a certain point, even he has to be honest with himself that he just can’t get her out of his mind.

He is cheating on you emotionally with this woman because he is most likely sharing information with this woman that he isn’t sharing with you.

He may tell her about some of his fears and insecurities.

He may tell her about some of his aspirations.

He may even start confiding in her about how he is dealing with this or that issue at work.

He may also go so far as to give her personal information about some of the problems or issues that may be going on in his relationship with you.

Again, initially, he may not know that he is having an emotional affair with this woman that he met online.

Thereby, he may not believe that he is cheating.

In his mind, all he is doing is merely talking to this woman.

As far as he is concerned, it is all harmless and innocent.

However, the more he confides in this woman about what may be going on in his life, the more she becomes a major part of his daily life and thoughts.

He will be looking forward to chatting with her online when he gets off work instead of looking forward to seeing you, his significant other.

He will be looking forward to chatting with her online on his lunch breaks instead of looking forward to chatting with you.

He may also start getting more and more emotionally involved in what is going on in her life.

She may be telling him about issues that she is having with her own significant other or with certain facets of her personal life.

He may start feeling the need to give her advice or empathize with her due to this.

This is how his emotional bond starts getting stronger and stronger with her.

He just becomes too emotionally invested at some point.

You may even realize that he is no longer being as open with you as he used to. This is due to the likelihood that he is showing that openness to the woman that he is chatting with on the online dating website instead.

This is where he is investing the majority of his emotional energy.

It is not uncommon for emotional affairs to move into actual physical affairs.

At some point, they may want to meet in life so badly that they can’t help themselves.

Once they actually meet in life, the physical cheating begins.