My Boyfriend Has Been Window Shopping A Dating Website?

My Boyfriend Has Been Window Shopping A Dating Website?

Your boyfriend is getting bored with his relationship with you and is window shopping a dating website to see what else is out there.

He may have taken his relationship with you for granted.

He knows what to expect out of the relationship.

The relationship has become monotonous.

The both of you talk about the same topics often.

You go to the same venues to socialize.

You have kept the same circle of friends.

Your goals in life haven’t changed much.

Everything is just, well, the same.

Your boyfriend may have thought about injecting some new life into the relationship in the past.

However, every time that he thought that he would instigate doing something new with you, he ended up not doing it.

It is just so much easier to stick with what the both of you always do.

Being that you are also not showing any signs of wanting to inject some new life into the relationship, he may have decided to start window shopping a dating website because he is just bored with the status quo.

He may be complacent in the relationship.

He is getting his basic needs met.

However, he is longing for more.

By window shopping a dating website, he may have no idea about what he is looking for.

He may not even be looking to start a conversation with anyone.

He just wants to look at other women and possibly fantasize.

As he is window shopping, he can stop by different dating profiles and read their stories.

He may take a look at their pictures.

He may start fantasizing about what that girl must be like in real life.

Is she fun to hang out with?

Is she a good cook?

Is she good in bed?

Is she into video games?

He may ask all kinds of questions about her in his mind.

It actually makes him feel good to fantasize about these various girls.

As far as he is concerned, this is all in his head and as a result, he is not cheating.

This allows him to have these fantasies without feeling guilty.

His fantasies about these girls help to take him away from the monotony of his relationship with you.

He will even compare them to you in some way.

He may wonder if those girls are better than you at something.

Once he is done with one fantasy, he continues window shopping until he finds another girl that he can fantasize about.

Again, he may not have any intention whatsoever to initiate contact with any of these women.

However, he just wants to be able to go away in his head for a while and just imagine what a life with any of these girls would be like.

Your boyfriend may be window shopping a dating website because he has friends who keep telling him about how much fun they are having on the dating website and all the girls that they are meeting.

Those friends seem to be having such an amazing time.

Your boyfriend keeps hearing these stories from his friends at work or when he is hanging out with them.

As much as he may be happy in how safe and stable his relationship is with you, he may still envy these friends that get to meet so many girls on the dating website and have so much fun with them.

There may be a part of him that misses the days when he was single.

Out of curiosity, he may have decided to check this dating website out.

He wants to get an idea of what these girls look like on the dating website.

He may have no intention of messaging any of them in any way.

However, he just wants to see them.

In seeing the profiles of some of the girls on the dating website, he may feel a little bit of consolation that he is somehow living vicariously through his friends, now that he is no longer single.