Is This Woman That I Met On A Dating Website Interested Or Being Nice?

Is This Woman That I Met On A Dating Website Interested Or Being Nice?

When a woman is interested in you, she will often ask you a lot of substantive questions about yourself.

You will notice that she will not only ask you substantive questions about yourself but she will often remember what you told her and come back at a later conversation with follow-up questions to your previous answers.

This is how you know that this woman was actually thinking about you while she was going about her day to day activities.

She remembers an answer that you give her to a question that she asks you and becomes curious to learn more about it.

The next time she has the opportunity to talk to you on a dating website, she brings up that topic and asks follow-up questions about it.

When a woman that you met on a dating website voluntarily thinks about you in her daily life when the both of you aren’t communicating with each other, that is often a sign that she is interested in you.

A woman that you meet on a dating website shows that she is interested in you when you notice that she tends to give you compliments whenever the both of you have a conversation.

Some of those compliments may be subtle in nature at first because she may not want to appear overeager or overstep any boundaries.

For example, she may compliment something you said as really intelligent or she may tell you that she likes your sense of humor.

She will start relatively tame in how she goes about complimenting you.

However, in consequent conversations, a woman who is interested in you will become more bold and obvious with her compliments.

This is because she is becoming more and more comfortable with you.

She may tell you that she really liked how your arms looked in a shirt that you were wearing in one of your online dating profile pictures.

If you have nice muscular arms, she was complimenting them.

She may tell you that you could model, based on how good you look in some of your online dating profile pictures.

This is where she is now brazenly flirting with you and complimenting you in so doing.

She has now taken her compliments to the next level with you.

They are more superficial in nature, thereby indicating her sexual attraction to you.

A woman that you meet on a dating website would show that she is just being nice when she has conversations with you that never become risque in nature.

The conversations feel very safe and platonic.

She never really makes an attempt to flirt with you or even tell you risque jokes.

It just feels like she is overly polite and civil.

There is no sense of sexual electricity coming from her.

You may even notice that she will often ask you about topics that most people would rather not talk about for fun.

She does this in order to keep conversations relatively safe with you so that you never get the wrong idea that she may be interested in you.

For example, she may often ask you about safe and boring topics such as work or what your commute was like that day.

She may even ask you about who your telephone or cable service provider is and whether you are happy with their service.

Again, a woman who is just being nice will often keep the topics that you talk about really platonic.

If you attempt to flirt with her, she may say something nice back at you but then she will quickly move on to another topic and not try to encourage you to keep flirting with her.

You will really get a good sense of whether a woman that you met on a dating site is approaching you in this manner as you interact with her over time.

There will be no real romantic banter or sexual chemistry between the both of you as you communicate on the dating website.

It will just feel as though you are having small talk with someone that you are in line with at a post office.