Middle Fingers In Dating Profile Pictures?

Middle Fingers In Dating Profile Pictures?

Grown men with middle fingers in their dating profile pictures are perplexing to you.

It’s becoming an epidemic of sorts.

You see a dating profile that is looking increasingly promising, as you connect with his common interests, and it happens.

As you are looking through his pictures, you see one with a giant middle finger that is directed at the camera.

Instantly, all the good vibes you were feeling about his dating profile disappears, and you are thumbing it down and swiping left.

What a bummer.

Yet again, a dating profile that seemed to have promise, until that middle finger ruined everything.

Why do men on dating apps have pictures of their middle fingers in their dating profiles?

Men believe this is rebellious.

For him, he is making out as though he is a bad boy who won’t be held back by authority.

These are guys who have seen one too many gangster movies or listened to one too many songs that curse at society.

Somewhere along the line in his life, he has been made to believe that showing a middle finger is how he lashes back at the status quo and authority.

He knows that girls have a tendency to like bad boys with a rebellious streak.

For this reason, he tells himself that he should have a picture on his dating profile with a middle finger in full view.

This is what he believes is attractive to women.

He wants to convey a hard image to those that look at his dating profile.

To him, showing his middle finger means he is tough and rough around the edges.

He is convinced that this is what women want.

A man who is rough around the edges that protects her from anyone who messes with her.

A guy with this approach is not aware that he is overplaying this hand.

Yes, a woman wants a tough man who protects her, but he has chosen to use the middle finger to convey this message, as opposed to a better way to go about it.

Unfortunately, a guy who is this desperate to convey that he is a tough guy, isn’t tough at all.

The men who are authentically tough, don’t need to try so hard to convey that message in their pictures or dating profile.

He knows that the pictures on his dating profile that show him participating in activities he loves, and showing his prowess in doing said activities, is enough to convey this message.

He knows that writing a bio where he gives a brief account of his accomplishments in life, while making it clear that he has room to grow and keep improving, is enough to convey this message.

The guy that is compelled to post a picture of himself with his middle finger in view doesn’t get this.

He is incapable of doing this, given that he isn’t a bona fide tough guy.

His desperate attempt to convey a tough guy image is obvious to anyone who has a modicum of intelligence, but not to him.