Online Dating: Did He Reject My Request For A Second Date?

Online Dating: Did He Reject My Request For A Second Date?

After matching with him on a dating app, and having a pretty good first date with him, you were excited about the prospect of meeting him again for a second date.

A few days elapsed and he was yet to ask you out on a second date.

This is when you took it upon yourself to ask him whether he wanted to meet on a second date over the weekend.

He told you he was busy, but would keep you posted.

His response flabbergasted you, given that you thought he would be totally game for a second date.

You don’t know what to make of his response.

Did he reject your request for a second date?

Yes, he did.

This isn’t what you wanted to hear.

The truth is, no guy is that busy.

When a guy likes a girl, he makes the time to see her, no matter how little of it he has.

You waited to get asked out on a second date for a few days to no avail, which is what led to you making a request for one.

This is where you should have realized that his romantic interest in you was no longer there.

In the early stages of courtship, guys are traditionally the ones who ask the girl out on dates, and he is fully aware of this.

He did this with his prior girlfriends.

When you found yourself having to ask him about a second date, this was a strong signal that he wasn’t interested in going out on a second date with you.

In all honesty, at this point, it was inevitable that he wasn’t going to give you the answer you wanted.

And he didn’t.

He came up with an excuse.

There are all kinds of excuses that people come up with when they have no intention of going out any further dates with someone.

Unfortunately, instead of being straightforward, they choose excuses that are misleading.

He says he is busy, feeling sick, has to travel, has a family member in the hospital, has to go into work, etc.

Now that you know this, do not make the mistake of waiting around on him, hoping that a second date request is forthcoming from him.

It isn’t.

This isn’t easy to swallow.

Given how much you enjoyed the first date, you were hopeful about seeing him again on a second date.

The thing is, there was something missing in the first date that made him believe that you weren’t the right one for him.

Even though you thought he had a great time, he was merely being polite.

In the back of his mind, before the first date was over, he already knew that he had no interest in seeing you again on a second date.

Don’t take it personally.

The whole purpose of dates is to ascertain whether there is chemistry and compatibility with someone else.

Sadly, the chemistry and compatibility you thought you shared with him on the first date wasn’t mutual.

None of this means that you did anything wrong.

Rest assured that as long as you are actively putting yourself out there and accepting dates from men, you are bound to share mutual chemistry and compatibility with a guy that is the right one for you.