Why Would An Attractive Guy Go On A Dating Website?

Why Would An Attractive Guy Go On A Dating Website?

He has been unable to get a girlfriend in real life and going on a dating website could change his luck.

Even though he is attractive, this doesn’t automatically mean that he finds it easy to get girlfriends in the real world.

He may have no trouble getting their attention.

They may look at him or smile at him.

However, he may often not be able to make that first move.

Though he is attractive, he may simply not have the confidence to approach the girl even if she has been giving him all the signals of interest.

If he is a terribly shy guy in this way, he may find it really difficult to get a girlfriend in the real world.

This may be why he decided to go on a dating website.

A lot of shy guys go on a dating website because they are often able to approach girls a lot easier there.

They don’t have to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety of approaching her face to face, as they would in the real world.

It is just easier for them to hide behind a dating profile and send messages to girls through a dating website.

An attractive guy would go on a dating website because he may have only ever been in one relationship his entire life.

As a result, he may have never had the opportunity to learn how to talk to girls.

In essence, he may really lack experience in dating and relationships.

He may have only ever been with that one girlfriend both as a relationship and sexually.

He had no other girlfriends or experience dating other girls.

That one relationship may have ended and he is completely in the dark as far as how he can go about talking to girls.

He is socially inept in this department.

He may have a lot of girls come up to him at parties and social events and try to start conversations with him.

However, being that he has so little experience with girls, he may find it very difficult to keep those conversations going.

It may get to a point where he is just staring at the girl, unsure of what next to say.

This may lead to a really awkward silence between them.

He may then have to excuse himself just so that he can get away from that situation.

An attractive guy who has had this kind of sheltered and limited experience when it comes to dating may end up deciding to go on a dating website.

He may feel that the environment of a dating website feels a lot less pressured.

He is not on the spot with some girl who is trying to get him to flirt with her at some social event, nightclub or party.

He has the opportunity to actually breathe and take in what is in front of him.

He can read the dating profiles of girls and learn more about them.

When he chooses to message a girl that he may be interested in on a dating website, it is done without the pressure that he would feel if he were talking to the girl face to face.

He has the time to construct a message based on the information that he has gathered from her dating profile.

He doesn’t have to worry about having to be spontaneous in how he talks to a girl like he would in real life.

He can be a lot more prepared and even have a strategy for how he will go about communicating with a girl that he is interested in on a dating website.

Do not assume that every attractive guy would have no problems getting a girlfriend in the real world.

There are many attractive guys out there who would beg to differ on that opinion.