Online Dating: Am I Getting Into A Hookup Or A Real Date With This Guy?

Online Dating: Am I Getting Into A Hookup Or A Real Date With This Guy?

You can normally tell that you are getting into a hookup with a guy that has arranged a first date with you based on how quickly he set up the date.

If the both of you have barely gotten to know each other on the online dating site and he has already asked you to meet him on a first date, there is a very good chance that he is looking for a hookup and not a real date.

Trying to meet you this quickly is often an indication that he doesn’t want to put in the effort to get to know you better in order to determine whether the both of you would be a compatible match.

He doesn’t really care about that.

He already knows that he is attracted to you based on the profile photos that you posted to your account.

All he cares about is meeting you and hooking up with you.

Always take into account the amount of time and effort that a guy has put into getting to know you.

If he has only had a handful of conversations with you and he is already arranging a first date, there is a good chance that he is looking to hookup.

Something else that is often very effective in figuring out whether you are getting into a hookup or a real date is in the kind of conversations that you have had with the guy.

If the majority of your conversations are flirtatious in nature without much substance in terms of learning more about each other, there is a good chance that he just wants to hookup.

You may have noticed that there have been times when you have tried to have a more substantive conversation with him by asking about something to do with his life or experiences and those attempts have gone nowhere.

He either responds very briefly and quickly reverts to trying to flirt with you or may ignore the question entirely.

These are all very strong signs that this is a guy who isn’t looking for anything deep.

He isn’t looking to open himself up to you nor is he looking to get a better idea of what your personality and mindset is like.

He just wants to skip all of the hard stuff and get to the fun of meeting you and hopefully hooking up.

This is a guy that will rarely ask you meaningful and intelligent questions about yourself.

The majority of the questions that he will ask you will either have to do with sex, partying or other social activities that have very little to do with getting a better idea of who you are as a person.

A guy who is just looking for a hookup will often be talking to multiple girls at the same time in the same vain.

Hence, you may notice that he forgets a lot of the details from conversations that the both of you have had in the past.

You may have been able to muster or force him into a substantial conversation or two in the past but he quickly forgets those details when you bring them up in a future conversation with him.

Again, a guy like this is focused on one thing, hooking up with you.

Anything of substance that he may learn from you quickly evaporates from his mind when all he cares about is sleeping with you.