Online Dating: Is This A Hookup Or More?

Online Dating: Is This A Hookup Or More?

To know whether this upcoming date is intended to be a hookup or more, observe how the person communicates with you after the date is set.

Look out for significant changes.

If the person was communicating with you consistently before the date was set up, are they still doing that?

If you have noticed a sudden drop off in communication since the date was set with this person that you met while online dating, there is a higher likelihood that this meeting is intended to be a hookup as opposed to more.

Oftentimes, when someone stops communicating as much as they were doing before a date was set up, they may have been only communicating with you as much as they were because they wanted to get to the point where they could set up a date.

Once they were able to get you to agree to a date, their primary job is done.

Now, they will wait until the day of the date arrives to see if they can hook up with you.

This kind of drop off in communication after a date has been set is often an indication that the person may also have a number of other people that they are trying to set up dates with in order to hook up with them.

As soon as they are able to get the date set with the person, they instantly drop off in communication with them so that they are able to focus their time and effort on setting up more dates with more people.

When a date is set and it is something more than a hookup, the person will often continue maintaining about the same level of communication that they were having with you before the date was set.

They are still interested in getting to know you.

If anything, the fact that a date has been set up may give them that much more impetus to keep communicating with you on a consistent basis.

They may feel the need to keep you motivate and excited before the day of the date.

They don’t want your energy level to drop off before they are able to meet you on a date.

If they were to stop communicating with you as much, now that the date has been set, they fear that they would run the risk of you losing interest or even forgetting about the date.

A person like this may really feel like they have a good connection with you.

They want to keep you excited about the prospect of meeting them.

By continuing to talk to you consistently after the date has been set, they are also hoping to feed off your energy.

They want to get the sense that you are still excited about the date.

The more they talk to you and you still seem energetic, they more excited they get about the date.

A person that you met while online dating who is only looking for a hookup will typically still be logging into their online dating account very regularly after the date has been set.

You will notice that they are still very active on the online dating site and may log into it very frequently throughout the day.

This lets you know that this person is still very keen on finding more dates.

A person who is looking for more than a hookup after setting a date up with you will not log into their online dating account as frequently.

They may log in sporadically but not regularly.

This person is looking forward to the date.

They are most likely focused on seeing how the date with you goes.

Perhaps they are hoping that after this date, they will no longer require the services of the online dating site.

Hence, you will notice a drop off in the regularity in which this person logs into their online dating account in the days leading up to the date.