Online Dating: Are Guns A Deal Breaker?

Online Dating: Are Guns A Deal Breaker?

You don’t think it’s a big deal that you have some photos on your online dating profile of guns or of you shooting guns at a shooting range.

It’s just part of an entire set of eclectic photos that you have on your online dating profile.

Yet, you have had some negative experiences with matches who have inquired about your gun photos and unmatched with you as a result.

You really liked the dating profiles of these matches and thought there was a lot in common.

Now you are really beginning to wonder about this gun thing.

Those gun photos have resulted in the loss of a few matches that you thought were good for you.

Are your guns a deal breaker?

Well, for some people.

Some people have a perception about people who own and use guns.

Pacifists for example are a group of people that abhor violence and deem it unjustifiable.

That includes any tools used to engage in said violence.

They are an eclectic group.

Some do own guns as they regard it as a means to defend oneself if threatened and others detest guns regardless of whether it is being used to defend oneself or recreationally on a shooting range.

Some of the matches who unmatched with you after voicing their disapproval of your gun photos could be extreme versions of pacifists.

The news media’s reporting around guns isn’t pleasant.

News coverage that has anything to do with guns is normally connected to a violent incident that either resulted in someone getting killed or hurt.

There is also personal experience.

Some people have had negative real life experiences when it comes to guns.

A close friend or family member was shot and killed or maimed by a gun.

They have been attacked or assaulted by someone who possessed a gun.

They have worked in environments where gun victims are constantly brought in for care and they have witnessed firsthand the financial and emotional toll that it puts on families that are especially susceptible to gun violence, such as in poorer neighborhoods or inner cities.

Some have a prejudice when it comes to gun ownership and believe that it speaks to the person’s politics.

A branch of politics that they don’t adhere to.

Before even finding out what your politics is exactly, they choose to unmatch you.

There are a multitude of reasons why some of your matches have voiced their disapproval about your gun photos and unmatched you, but you know who you are.

You aren’t a criminal or a killer.

You have an affinity for guns.

You clearly felt that the use of guns was an important enough factor in your life that you chose to put photos up of them.

It is a part of who you are, just as much as vacationing in the summers and riding jet skis.

People have deal breakers.

Your gun photos were a deal breaker for those matches that unmatched you.

It could just as easily been a part of the country that you come from, a way you talk, a way you dress, etc.

People have deal breakers for everything under the sun.

You shouldn’t change who you are for the sake of a few matches who disapproved of your gun photos.

You are on a dating site.

This means that you are in a position to match with lots of people, some of them gun enthusiasts themselves.

Yes, there are others just like you.

Matching with them means that you both get to go to the shooting range at some point or go gun shopping.

That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

As long as the use and ownership of guns is legal where you live, you have done nothing wrong in posting gun photos.

Not everyone is going to match on dating sites.

The beauty of dating sites is that with such a wide pool of potential matches, finding a compatible match is inevitable.

Guns are a part of your life and you should remain true to that.

Taking those gun photos out of your online dating profile to appease those matches would be a mistake.

It would only be a matter of time before a person that you start dating from a dating site discovers that you are a gun enthusiast.

You might as well be honest about it from the start.

Always remember that there are a plethora of niche dating sites out there.

If the dating site you are currently on keeps sending you matches that disapprove of your gun photos to a point where it feels overwhelming, expand your potential to meet a compatible match by finding a niche dating site that caters to gun lovers.

A quick search online should give you a plethora of niche dating sites that cater to gun lovers.