Online Dating: Why Do Men Post Photos With Dead Animals?

Online Dating: Why Do Men Post Photos With Dead Animals?

These men who post photos with dead animals fall under two main categories: the avid hunter and the opportunist.

An avid hunter will have more than one photo with a dead animal in his online dating profile.

He wants to show just how good of a hunter he is and how much he loves hunting.

There are photos with him alongside, in front of or holding, a dead deer, elk, hog, moose, wild boar, fish, bird, etc.

The more photos with dead animals, the bigger of a hunter.

Different men have different hobbies.

Some like to paint, play sports, race cars, etc.

These men like to hunt.

If you are offended by these photos, you are not the person that these men are trying to attract.

They want to attract a woman who, for one, loves hunting or loves a man who hunts.

These men already know that there are going to be women who are turned off by these photos with dead animals.

These are women that have a particular political or social perspective and lifestyle that these men don’t espouse either.

These photos aren’t just about showing how much of an avid hunter he is. They also help him filter out women who don’t agree with him in a number of other aspects when it comes to politics or morals.

Instead of just coming right out and spewing a bunch of political or moralistic rhetoric in his bio, he would much rather enlighten you with photos.

He is sending a message.

If you are disgusted or appalled by what you see, there is a very good chance that you aren’t going to agree with a number of his other viewpoints as well.

He wants to avoid women like you, and your choice not to message him out of disgust is exactly what he is hoping for.

He only wants to meet the woman who agrees with this lifestyle.

A woman like this most likely agrees with a number of other viewpoints that he has about life and that is a person who fits his definition of a compatible partner.

Then there is the opportunist category.

He is the man who only has one photo of himself with a dead animal.

Hunting isn’t really his thing.

He was proud of that kill.

It was probably his first and so far, his last.

He thinks it makes him look more macho.


He killed an elk.

What a man’s man.

This for sure is going to impress the ladies.

Hunting isn’t his passion or pastime.

Putting that one photo alongside another one of him in front of some world famous monument in some foreign country only adds to his worldliness and overall appeal.

It doesn’t speak to his politics or lifestyle.

It’s just another piece of digital property along with all the rest on his dating profile that he hopes puts him at more of an advantage to attract women.

Nothing more, nothing less.