Online Dating: Does Using All Indoor Pics Where I Look Good, Instead Of Including Outdoor Pics Where I Look Worse, Cost Me The Opportunity To Get Good Matches?

Online Dating: Does Using All Indoor Pics Where I Look Good, Instead Of Including Outdoor Pics Where I Look Worse, Cost Me The Opportunity To Get Good Matches?

A good blend of both indoor and outdoor pics provides a healthy balance of your life and personality.

You believe that you look good in your indoor pics compared to your outdoor pics, but don’t be so quick to toss those outdoor pics aside.

Doing so could cost you the opportunity to get good matches.

True, the indoors are a controlled environment.

For that reason, some people often feel more comfortable with posting indoor pics of themselves on their dating profiles instead of their outdoor pics.

Indoors, you can control the lighting.

You can take pics of yourself at complimentary angles.

You can put yourself in rooms that enhance your appearance.

There is a lot you can do with indoor pics that can make you come off looking really good, but you shouldn’t get caught up in ostentatious displays of yourself.

The whole point of your dating profile is to give a potential match some valuable insight into the person you are and the life you live.

Don’t get so caught up in how good you look in every single one of your pics.

Your indoor pics should be a natural reflection of who you are as a person and what you love to do.

This means that your indoor pics have to be a lot more than a bunch of selfies, pics in front of bathroom mirrors or pics with your pet.

Your dating profile shouldn’t be a vanity project.

Your opportunity to get a consistent bevy of good matches on a dating site is predicated upon giving these potential matches a balanced understanding of what your life and personality is like.

This comes with showing what your life is like indoors, as well as showing what your life is like outdoors.

It doesn’t matter if you think that you look worse in your outdoor pics.

The point is to give potential matches the opportunity to see you in as many environments as possible.

Give them that healthy balance.

As long as your outdoor pics are recent, showing what you currently look like, don’t worry about looking worse in them compared to your indoor pics.

After seeing your primary pic, which is where you can take some harmless liberties in making your appearance look good, people are now more concerned with getting a better idea of what your life is like.

This is where the rest of your pics come in.

At this point, people are more interested in the activities that you are participating in, than in how GQ you look in your outdoor pics.

If anything, they would much rather see you unfettered in natural uncontrolled outdoor environments than look at endless indoor pics of you in your living room or kitchen.

They already know that the elements of the outdoors can’t be controlled in most circumstances and are perfectly fine to see your hair out of place as you participate in some activity that you love in the outdoors.

Authenticity is the key to getting good matches on a dating site.

If your dating profile is too polished, filled with controlled indoor pics, you could easily come off as too prepared and fake.

People love seeing others in a natural outdoor environment, engaged with the elements.

This is how they connect with the authenticity of the person and feel a kinship.

The cost of only using indoor pics where you look good, as opposed to outdoor pics, could be the opportunity to get lots of good matches.

Have a blend of the two.

Your indoor pics should show you participating in indoor activities that you love as well, not just a series of pics with you on your couch or laying on your bed.

Having a healthy combination of indoor pics and outdoor pics is your best opportunity to attract good matches that want to get to know the person whose life seems so dynamic.