Online Dating: How Should I Proceed If Someone Is Trying To Catfish Me?

Online Dating: How Should I Proceed If Someone Is Trying To Catfish Me?

You should proceed by blocking that person’s online dating profile and reporting them to the staff of the dating site that you are patronizing.

It can sometimes be enticing to go along with the catfish because, somewhere in the back of your mind, you may be curious as to who this person really is or perhaps you just want to have some fun playing along.

However, a catfish is not someone worthy of your time on an online dating site.

They purposely create fake profiles pretending to be someone that they are not because they intend on taking advantage of unsuspecting patrons of a dating site.

You shouldn’t give this person the value of your time in continuing to communicate with them.

Now, perhaps you feel that this is a person that simply can’t affect or harm you because you already know that you are engaging with a catfish.

Hence, you may feel that by continuing to communicate with this catfish, you will only be entertained and even somehow get to the bottom of who they are without any negative repercussions to yourself.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to get sucked into this way of thinking.

When you indulge a person who is trying to catfish you, you are only making it that much easier for them to get a better understanding of who you are.

Although you have been able to deduce that this is someone who is trying to catfish you on an online dating site, it may not be that easy for you to tell just how authentic this person is if they were able to find you on social media.

Make no mistake about it, if you allow your interaction with a catfish to persist, they will try to find other ways in which they can learn more information about you and contact you.

If they find you through social media, they can easily find a way to get you to accept them as a follower or friend.

Perhaps they have done enough research to pinpoint the identity of some of your friends, family or coworkers.

They can then steal the pictures and identities of those who are familiar with you to try to get you to accept them as a friend or follower on your social media.

Once they have gotten access to your social media, it will only be a matter of time before they will be able to figure out where you are actually physically located at.

It wouldn’t be that hard.

Anything that you don’t give away in your social media profile can easily be deduced based on the kind of photos and comments that you have posted in the past or who you follow.

A smart catfish will not have a hard time figuring out exactly where you are located.

Once they have this information, they could do just about anything.

They could physically stalk you or even find ways to leave items in your mailbox or at your doorstep so as to get the desired reaction out of you.

All of this sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Well, you should be scared.

The truth is, you just don’t know how far gone a catfish is.

If they are over the deep end mentally, they can take this interaction a lot further than a fake profile and fake messages of interest on a dating site.

They could actually find you physically.

Hopefully, this understanding has now scared you into understanding the reality of where things could lead if you indulge a catfish.

Do not encourage them by engaging, even if you know that this is a catfish. Instead, block and report.